From the traditional to the retro to the artsy, there are loads of different styles out there for brides planning their Tennessee weddings. If you’ve got a wedding coming up, besides checking out some of those spectacular spring flavors, how do you choose the perfect wedding cake for you and your groom? I had the opportunity to speak with Margi Chambers of Tri-Cities bakery CakeArt to learn how to emphasize your fabulous bridal style with your wedding cake. Read on for Margi’s three helpful tips!

Red and white wedding cake, by Margi Chambers of Tri-Cities bakery CakeArt.

1. Tie in your wedding theme to your cake’s design.

Are you and your groom planning a Disney-themed bash with all-things-Mickey-and-Minnie? Or maybe you love the 1920s and are going for a Prohibition-era vibe for your big day? Whatever your wedding theme is, tying it into your wedding cake’s design makes perfect sense and is a great way to keep the theme consistent throughout the event. Margi tells us that one of the most popular wedding themes she’s been seeing lately for brides is the rustic vintage style. For this bridal style, using lace-like effects on the decorating and old-timey writing for your cake is the perfect way to show some flair with the baked goods!

Hot pink wedding cake, by Margi Chambers of Tri-Cities bakery CakeArt.

2. Incorporate elements of your dress into the design of your wedding cake.

You’ve just picked the most gorgeous wedding dress you’ve ever laid eyes on to wear as you walk down the aisle – what better way to share its glory throughout your big day than to use elements of the gown’s design for creating your beautiful masterpiece of a wedding cake as well! Margi loves using the dress for inspiration for wedding cakes because there’s so many little details in the dress that can be duplicated when creating the cake, and she says that it really helps tie your bridal style together for the look of your wedding. Does your gown have tiny buttons all down the back or delicate lace flowers across the bodice? All of these elements can be incoporated by the cake artist designing the cake for your big day and can be made to fit any bride’s wedding cake budget.

Red roses cake and initial cake, by Marci Chambers of Tri-Cities bakery CakeArt.

3. Use your wedding color scheme to help create your cake.

If you and your groom are avid University of Tennessee fans and plan on displaying your school pride by using orange and white for your wedding color scheme, you may not want to go with a lavender-shaded cake with big pink roses decorated across it. Margi tells us that a third great way to incorporate your bridal style in your wedding cake is by using your wedding colors for your dessert’s design. However, if you are planning on having a more simple, classic cake that’s all white for example, Margi suggests using your wedding colors on the table where the cake is being displayed.

Black and white wedding cake, by Margi Chambers of Tri-Cities bakery CakeArt


Tri-Cities cake artist Margi Chambers of CakeArt.Margi started out doing cakes for her grandchildren’s birthdays, which gradually led to other relatives and friends requesting her yummy cake creations and later making a business of it! She thoroughly enjoys creating cakes for a living and loves working with brides, because she gets to participate in something that’s very special to them. Margi believes that when you share food, you share love, and she enjoys seeing the look of relief on a bride’s face once she’s tasted her custom wedding cake and can look forward to sharing it on her big day. To learn more about CakeArt, take a look at Margi’s website, and be sure to connect with her on Facebook as well! Give Margi a call at (423) 957-6890, and tell her The Pink Bride sent you!






Bottom photo courtesy of Margi Chambers via e-mail.

All other photos courtesy of the CakeArt Facebook page.