Today’s bride generally searches for local wedding venues in her area of interest via the Internet prior to visiting one in person, but what might not be on the Internet or covered in the initial meeting could indeed be the most important details surrounding which wedding venue you’ll choose for your lovely Tennessee wedding. With this in mind, I chatted with Kellie Bryson of Nashville wedding venue Legacy Farms to discuss what brides should ask before signing on the dotted line and placing a deposit. These aspects may or may not be in the fine print of the venue rental contract, but they certainly can have a big impact to how the rest of your wedding planning plays out in the months and days before your celebration! Read on to arm yourself with five top suggestions for questions to ask before signing a contract and placing your deposit.

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1. What exactly is included in the wedding venue rental package, and what décor restrictions do you have?

Many Tennessee wedding venue packages include money-saving perks such as tables, chairs, and even complimentary use of the facility for other events surrounding your actual wedding. On the other hand, pretty much every wedding venue comes with a set of do’s and don’ts. After all, without a list of protocols or restrictions in place, venues likely wouldn’t last past a few events and definitely wouldn’t be approved as a legit site for you to host the biggest event of your life. Make sure you’re aware of both what’s included in your rental price and what restrictions come along with the venue before you move forward with wedding planning.

At Legacy Farms, Kellie details that ceremony rental includes the ceremony site and chairs as well as an expertly planned back-up rain plan that is implemented by the experienced staff at the venue. “Most brides come to us for an outdoor wedding,” Kellie describes, “but we know we have to plan for the four-letter word ‘RAIN’ and have a plan in place for each bride – at no extra charge.” Reception rental includes the reception area, tables, chairs, linens, décor, menu, dishes, and wait staff, and some packages even include bar and cake credit. Legacy Farms also specializes in all-inclusive rental packages for the couple who has minimal planning time and who wants a venue and planning team that they can trust to make their vision happen. Such packages are perfect for these brides, but they may not be the best option for a bride who wants to order and manage everything herself.

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2. Do you allow tents on the property?

If you’re opting for a Tennessee wedding venue with a large outdoor space and not enough indoor space for your guest count, you’ll definitely want to secure a rain plan. For many brides and grooms hoping for outdoor celebrations, this rain plan includes a tent – but for various reasons, some venues do not allow them on-site or only allow certain kinds in certain areas. Ask about this detail if it’s something you’re interested in and isn’t covered in the list of restrictions I mentioned above.

Tents are indeed welcome at Legacy Farms, although Kellie details that brides rarely have to use one. “We do allow tents,” she details, “however, because of the various areas on the property, we seldom use them. When we do, it is usually for larger functions that are not weddings.”

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3. Does the venue have noise or music restrictions?

Also included in the list of restrictions the event manager at the wedding venue may or may not detail is whether or not the venue has a noise restriction, such as no music past 9pm, no rap music allowed, etc. If you have hopes to party to all kinds of music until the wee hours of the morning, make sure you’re aware of the rules at the venue before locking yourself in.

Kellie states that events end at 11pm at Legacy Farms, and there are no music restrictions during your event.

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4. Has the venue contracted to allow only a select group of vendors at the venue?

One big factor to Tennessee brides and grooms is whether or not the venue allows outside vendors to come in for your big day. If the venue does not allow outside vendors to come in, when you’ve got your heart set on someone else providing a service already, this may be a deal-breaker for you. On the other hand, a preferred list of vendors provided by the venue – or an all-inclusive wedding package that includes everything you’ll need, organized in one place by the venue event manager – may be an extremely convenient option for today’s busy bride. Keep in mind that venues do not contract with amateurs since their performance is ultimately a reflection on the venue’s services as well, so you can rest assured that the people they’ve chosen to work with the big events at their location will make your wedding fabulous.

At Legacy Farms, brides are welcome to use their favorite wedding professionals for their event, as long as they are licensed and insured. “Friends and family helping are good thoughts but seldom ever work out like the bride wants,” Kellie explains. “This is because they are guests and not vendors, so we do require that the services are conducted by someone who is dedicated to making their event come to life.” If you’re wanting a rental package that includes a lot more, Kellie also details that Legacy Farms has various packages with different services included due to popular request. In fact, their most popular rental package is their Diamond package, which has most services included in the fee, like floral and even DJ services.

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5. Will my rental time include time for decorating and tear down, and will I have to work around other events going on at the same time?

This is a big detail that often blindsides brides and grooms with as little as one week from the wedding to prepare and adjust. Make sure you understand when you have access to the wedding venue, and definitely check to see if your access may be limited due to another event that may be going on around (or even during) your wedding.

“The packages [at Legacy Farms] all have a different amount of time included – from six to twelve hours of time on the property,” Kellie states. “We have found that most of our brides have a job that does not involve wedding planning or décor building, etc. So we have found the all-inclusive packages work very well as a one-stop planning experience. We build in the decorating that is included in the package to happen regardless of the time purchased. If a bride wants to bring in an outside vendor, however, they do need to adhere to the time allotted.”

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Legacy Farms is a premier Nashville wedding venue serving Tennessee brides and grooms with custom packages and amazing all-inclusive wedding venue rental packages that simplify the entire planning process. With breathtaking views, talent, and an expert staff to assist you with your every need – from planning to day-of directing – Legacy Farms can translate your dream wedding into a reality.


To contact Kellie about hosting your Tennessee wedding at the venue, give her a call today at (615) 321-2394, and be sure to connect with Legacy Farms via their website, Facebook page, Twitter, and Pinterest account. Tell Kellie that The Pink Bride sent you!




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