With the summer wedding season here in Tennessee nearly in full swing again, more and more brides are opting for elegant outdoor tent weddings and receptions! Before you complete your wedding rental planning process, however, it’s important to think about all your options when dealing with a tent for your outdoor wedding. These options will make sure all of your guests are happy and comfortable throughout the evening.

I chatted recently with Lesley Livingston of Knoxville wedding rental company Anderson Rental to learn what you need to know about your options when renting a tent for your outdoor Tennessee wedding. She gave me great commentary on five key details to consider while planning for your wedding day! Read on to get in-the-know about tent weddings.

White tent rental for Tennessee weddings by Knoxville wedding rental company Anderson Rental. Featured on The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com {How to Outfit Your Tent for Your Outdoor Tennessee Wedidng}

1. Tent siding may be a much-needed option for your wedding tent.

Tent siding makes your tent great for all weather, whether you end up with tons of wind on wedding day or a full-on storm. “The bride might wait until the last minute to add this option, and that’s totally okay,” Lesley details. “We have very elegant tent siding with white panels and windows.”


2. Consider placing flooring down under your tent for wedding day, especially for the dance floor!

While you may not think you need this option, just imagine your guests (and you!) trying to dance in heels on ground that may be just a little damp from moisture and humidity.

“Think about heels and mud!” Lesley exclaims. “You don’t want the two mixing, especially for the dance floor.” Anderson Rental specializes in making sure you have the perfect dance floor for your event so that guests can dance the night away safely and elegantly. They have dance floors with black-and-white checkers as well as a classic wooden floor for your event.

White arbor with bride and groom standing during wedding ceremony, photographed by Ancelet Photography, and shared by Knoxville wedding rental company Anderson Rental. Featured on The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com {How to Outfit Your Tent for an Outdoor Tennessee Wedding}

3. Think comfort above all for your wedding guests when having an outdoor wedding under a tent.

For summer weddings, you’ll definitely want to invest in an air-conditioning unit for the tent, or at least fans to help the air circulate. In winter, you’ll want to consider heaters for your tent!

“This is definitely important,” Lesley details. “You want to keep your guests comfortable at all times.” She went on to state that Anderson Rental absolutely has what you’ll need for these options, including porta-cools, which blow cool air throughout your tent. The best part is that you don’t need tent siding for the A/C units during summer, but you will want to consider them if planning a winter wedding under a tent.


Tuscany bistro lighting at Tennessee wedding by Knoxville wedding rental company Anderson Rental. Featured on The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com {How to Outfit Your Tent for an Outdoor Tennessee Wedding}

4. Lighting is always a must at outdoor Tennessee weddings, but it can really wow when placed strategically under a tent!

If you expect guests to stay for your celebration, you obviously have to put extra emphasis on the lighting for your outdoor evening wedding.

From elegant chandeliers to Tuscany (or bistro) lights, Anderson Rental can help you choose the best amount and style of lighting for your celebration under the stars. Lesley details that they often have brides look through a slideshow of images to give them an idea of what kinds of lighting they’d like at their event.


5. Always check with your wedding rental company on whether certain rental options are able to be placed directly on the ground under your wedding tent.

Some rental companies carry items that can’t be placed outside on the grass due to their delicate nature, so always check about this before you rent items for your outdoor wedding.

Luckily, this isn’t something you need to worry about at Anderson Rental! “Practically everything we carry can go outside,” Lesley details. All of their chairs are able to sit on bare grass. Their most popular chair for weddings is actually a nice white garden chair that looks like it’s made out of wood! In fact, Anderson Rental carries six different styles and colors of chairs for your designing convenience. Just ask about all of their other options for your outdoor wedding under a tent!

Wedding chairs by Knoxville wedding rental company Anderson Rental. Featured on The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com {How to Outfit Your Tent for an Outdoor Tennessee Wedding}

Anderson Rental began serving East Tennessee weddings back in 2005 and has pretty much anything you will need to simplify your wedding rental order for your wedding day. From specialty linens and chair ties to specialty equipment, chairs and tables, Anderson Rental has everything you’ll need for your Tennessee wedding day! Lesley details that they even frequently have clients come in and work with their show table to create a full mock-up of what the centerpieces and other details will look like on the big day. “This is great for planning!” she elaborates.

Anderson Rental will even deliver, setup, and pick up your rental order so that you don’t have to lift a finger on wedding day. One unique trait of Anderson Rental includes their tent rentals, which frequently includes set up on a Thursday or Friday, and pick up isn’t until Monday – yet they only charge you for a one-day rental!

Not sure where your tent should be placed on-site, or wondering how your layout under the tent will work? Lesley states that the tent experts at Anderson Rental can even do wedding venue site visits with you to lay out a plan, and they also provide CAD drawings to let you see everything set up under the tent before it actually happens.


To contact Anderson Rental, give them a call at (865) 984-7368, and be sure to visit them on their website and Facebook page to learn more. Tell Lesley that The Pink Bride sent you!



Images courtesy of Lesley Livingston of Anderson Rental via email. Image of bride and groom courtesy of Ancelet Photography.