Brent proposed to me during my sophomore year of college, which that means that for literally half of my college career, I have also been planning a wedding at the same time.  While is has not been the easiest journey, I know it will be worth it in the end. If you’re a student planning your wedding, here are some tips to help make your life easier.


1. Stay Organized.
Those organization skills you have learned in college will definitely come in handy while planning a wedding. It would be nearly impossible to keep track of vendor information, a guest list, seating charts, and more without being organized. Luckily, several websites (including The Pink Bride) offer fantastic FREE planning tools to help you stay organized.


2. Take advantage of breaks.
While it is tempting to just sit back and relax during breaks from school, those are some of the best opportunities to take care of some details. If your family is helping you plan, the holiday breaks are definitely a great time to work on planning since it is an opportunity to be together. Also, this is the best time to tour venues. If you are in class five days a week, it is hard to find time to go look at venues when they only give tours during the week.


3. Don’t procrastinate.
I know that with the demands of school, it is easy to forget just how much there is to do to prepare for a wedding. Take care of everything you can early. While you may think it is silly to book your uplights six months in advance, you will be glad you already took care of that once a semester is in full swing. Especially if you are getting married right after the semester ends. There is nothing worse than having to leave in the middle of a lecture to take a call about wedding details.


4. Take advantage of local resources.
Don’t have time to meet with vendor after vendor one-on-one? Bridal shows are a great way to meet several vendors all in the same place and get a good idea of which vendors would work best for your vision and budget! A local company called Wedding 101 offers FREE unlimited planning sessions to brides and they can also help you find the right vendors!


{How to Stay Sane While Planning Your Wedding in College} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of the Wedding 101 Website

The Wedding 101 studio in Franklin


5. Ask for help.
It may be difficult to give up some of the control for your wedding, but you would be surprised how relieved you will feel after asking someone for help. This way, you will be free to concentrate on school while someone else is helping out with the little things. I feel this is especially important if you are DIY bride. You will be extremely pressed for time if you are trying to do schoolwork and ALL of your DIY projects by yourself. Don’t afraid to ask your bridesmaids or family members for some help.


It is not always easy to plan your wedding while in school, but hopefully with these tips, your life will be just a little bit more mangeable!



Image courtesy of the Wedding 101 website.