There’s no party like a southern party, and a southern wedding is no exception! Those who hail from south of the Mason-Dixon know how to throw a wedding that has an extravagant feel while still being classy and romantic. The featured wedding below, photographed by the ever talented Wynd & Paisley, is no exception and is the perfect inspiration for all you southern belles that want to have the quintessential southern wedding!

Bride holding green and white bouquet poses with groom in front of white door by Wynd & Paisley | The Pink Bride®


Bride and groom kiss in front of white Antebellum home by Wynd & Paisley | The Pink Bride®

You have many options for your venue when planning a southern style wedding. These options include a rustic barn, elegant church, an outdoor country setting, or, as seen with this wedding, an antebellum-style mansion! These are all perfect settings for your big day, and each venue has its own personality to match your unique wedding style.

Bridal Style

Bride wearing a-line gown with lace overlay by Wynd & Paisley | The Pink Bride®

This bride is the perfect example of southern bridal style. The soft loose curls, minimal makeup, and a gorgeous gown! We love this dress with its elegant and modest A-line style, lace overlay, short sleeves (it gets hot down here!), and that extra bit of bling that every southern girl needs!


Couple holding signs from Chris Stapleton's "Tennessee Whiskey" photographed by Wynd & Paisley | The Pink Bride®

If you’ve seen the number of monograms that some folks put on everything they own, then you already know how much southerners love personalizing things! So why wouldn’t you want to personalize your wedding?? These custom signs are so cute, allow for some great photos, and can be kept and hung up in your house forever!


Elegant southern wedding decor photographed by Wynd & Paisley | The Pink Bride®

Like your venue, there are many avenues you can take when it comes to your southern wedding’s decor. We are so obsessed with this ultra elegant look. Neutral colors and clean lines dominate this wedding, and it creates such a neat and lovely finished product. Choosing silver, a cool toned metal, instead of a warm gold or copper for the metallic accents gives this wedding a really timeless and glamorous feel. So beautiful!


Green and white florals with Magnolia leaves by Wynd & Paisley | The Pink Bride®

Keeping with the monochromatic theme, only white flowers and greenery was used for this wedding. Of course, a southern wedding can have any type of flowers and greenery, but we are partial to the inclusion of magnolias! The archetypal southern flower, magnolias have huge and aromatic white blossoms as well as easily recognizable glossy green leaves. Both the blossom and leaves can be used in your bouquet and decor, and they absolutely should be! Don’t have a southern wedding without including the best southern flower!


Now that you’ve been inspired and are ready to plan your very own southern wedding, don’t forget to contact the incredibly talented Wynd & Paisley for your photography and event styling!


Photographs courtesy of:

Wynd & Paisley Co.