We chatted with Kevin Maples this summer, owner of The Lodge at Valley View and Trillium Springs, to learn a little more about what his premiere venues have to offer brides. Trillium Springs is dedicated to hosting weddings and receptions, set on a private 65-acre farm in beautiful Wears Valley, Tennessee. Read on to see what makes this venue stand apart from the rest, besides its gorgeous location!


{Interview with Trillium Springs} || The Pink Book Blog || Photo courtesy of www.trilliumspring.com

1. What about your company or services makes you stand apart?
At Trillium Springs, we don’t really have a long list of big regulations or limitations. You have a lot of freedom with your event rental package.


2. How did you find your way into weddings?
Kevin built and owned Maple Leaf Lodge (now Dancing Bear Lodge), which he sold to Blackberry Farms in 2004. The Lodge at Valley View began in 1980, and Trillium Springs began last May. Being nestled along the border of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, these lush venues became natural choices for brides while planning their weddings.


{Interview with Trillium Springs} || The Pink Book Blog || Photo courtesy of Leah Bullard Photography

3. Describe the type of bride and/or couple that will have the most success working with you.
A couple who wants to take more charge of their event with very few restrictions and who wants to be in charge of and participate in the decorating and setting up of their day, would be a perfect fit. You get the outdoor mountain feel without constraints common to most other venues, and you’re far enough away from the traffic of the city to feel relaxed. In other words, Trillium Springs allows you to have the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park without the negatives!


4. What type of bride and/or couple would not be the right fit for you?
Someone looking for a full-service, all-inclusive venue may opt to look elsewhere. Our rental includes just the venue!


Thanks so much for your answers, Kevin! If Trillium Springs seems like the perfect venue for your upcoming nuptials, give the Trillium Springs team a call at (865) 809-7544, and visit their website today. Tell Kevin The Pink Bride sent you!


Top photo courtesy of the Trillium Springs website.
Bottom photo courtesy of Leah Bullard Photography.
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