Rex Bradford Jones and son Bradford Jones of Bradford Catered Events, featured on The Pink Bride {Spotlight: Bradford Catered Events}

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Premier Knoxville wedding caterer Abner’s Attic Catering has rebranded to Bradford Catered Events! Learn more about owner Rex and son Bradford here.



Rex Bradford Jones and son Bradford are thrilled to introduce the new brand of Abner’s Attic Catering – Bradford Catered Events. They’ve changed to a descriptive name that reflects the company’s high level of standards and honors the connection between the key members of the Jones family. Rex still oversees all the freshly prepared menu items that come out of their kitchen, participates in consultations, and trains their event staff under the new company name.


Bradford Catered Events is a premier Knoxville wedding and event catering company based on a strong family heritage, passion for amazing food, and respect for unequaled service that have been passed down through three generations of the Jones family. With over 30 years of experience helping brides, grooms, and clients of every kind envision and then experience the event of their dreams, owner Rex Bradford Jones certainly knows a thing or two about creating mouthwatering eats and jaw-dropping presentations that will leave your guests talking for years after your Tennessee wedding.




Bradford Catered Events is a Knoxville catering business with deep family roots.

Rex attributes his talents and love for preparing scrumptious food to his mother.

“My mother, Frances Wylie Jones, was a home economist with the Knoxville Power Board (eventually becoming KUB) in the 1940’s when electricity was just coming into homes. She would travel around town doing cooking demonstrations, showing the women that electricity really was safe and effective to use in home cooking. I grew up watching her cook, and to this day, she is the best cook I’ve ever been around,” Rex details.

As an experienced cook, Ms. Jones harbored the keen ability of dissecting recipes from a single taste – a characteristic that Rex still admires. “She could taste a dish and write down the recipe without even seeing it!” he exclaims.

She helped Rex start his business and taught him much about cooking and, as he states, “treating guests properly.” As a well-known member of the Knoxville community, she helped him in every stage of the catering process – from cooking to presenting food and even serving at events. This strong family heritage is something Rex hopes to pass on to his own son.

“My son Bradford grew up around the business as well and is now full time with us,” he describes. “I’m hoping that I can provide for him just a little bit of what my mother provided to me.”


Plated meal at Knoxville wedding by Bradford Catered Events, featured on The Pink Bride {Spotlight: Bradford Catered Events}

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Here are four additional fun facts about Rex to know:

  1. I have a large collection of bowties that I wear to events. My son introduced me to wearing bowties in food service, and I quit ruining my ties (now I just ruin my shirts!). I always say, “If you’re wearing your food, you’ve enjoyed it.”
  2. I love old cars, and eventually I’ll find the right one to invest in to be a drive-away for our brides.
  3. Our homemade potato roll recipe, and many others on our menu, were developed by my mother and her mother. Some of the food that you eat at our events came from a recipe that may be over 100 years old!
  4. Bradford is mine and my wife Angie’s only child, and we have one grand-dog – Pawley the golden retriever mix.
Staff of Bradford Catered Events pose with bowties, featured on The Pink Bride {Spotlight: Bradford Catered Events}

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Rex creates every Bradford Catered Event with the objective of giving you lifelong memories to cherish – a fact frequently passed on from one bride to another!

“We embody the philosophy that events are lifelong memories,” Rex states. “Every Bradford Catered Event is designed to support the event vision, and the planning process is a stress-free experience you’ll truly enjoy. We believe in and adhere to professional, discrete event day service so that the focus remains where it should: on your occasion.”

That focus is part of what has led Bradford Catered Events to the front of the wedding catering industry with a dedicated clientele. Not surprisingly, referrals are the biggest driver of business for the company. “We are now starting to cater the weddings of our former brides’ children! It has been a blessing to be able to work with so many brides and be a part of their special wedding day,” details Rex.


Rex’s love for bringing visions into reality and creating those lifelong memories is what drove him into the wedding industry.

“I love taking a vision from a bride, who may or may not have any experience planning an event, and putting it all together,” Rex elaborates. “It is so fulfilling to start from scratch, build a menu and presentation style that reflects exactly what the couple wants, and then see it all come to fruition on the wedding day.”


Images of bride and groom eating cake and hors d'oeuvres, featured on The Pink Bride {Spotlight: Bradford Catered Events}

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As a family-owned business, the focus is on you – and nothing else.

“We hope that as a family-owned business, a bride will feel that the focus is always on her. We specialize in taking complete care of the couple, helping to support their wishes and visions while making the planning process enjoyable and stress-free along the way,” Rex states.


Bradford Catered Events prides itself in offering versatile styles and a wide range of options to meet any bride’s needs.

“We want brides to know that we offer one of the widest ranges of service of any caterer in east Tennessee,” explains Rex. “We specialize in buffets, family style service, plated meals, and interactive stations. We have serving pieces and styles that fit all types of themes, from country elegant to traditional formal.”


Great American Picnic style wedding reception by Bradford Catered Events, featured on The Pink Bride {Spotlight: Bradford Catered Events}

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Unequaled hospitality, experience, and attentiveness distinguish Bradford Catered Events from the rest of the catering crowd.

Rex details that his sales team places special emphasis on learning the vision and honoring the wishes of each bride long before her event takes place. “Our sales team takes an extra step to make sure the wedding goes exactly to the bride’s plan and vision,” he explains. “We first listen to what the bride wants and then offer our professional and experienced opinion on how we can make that happen.”

Plus, you don’t have to guess who you’ll see on your big day with Bradford Catered Events. You can rest assured knowing someone you’ve worked with throughout the entire planning process will be there to ensure your every wish comes true. “When you book a wedding with Bradford Catered Events, the sales and event coordinator that is your contact person will be on site the day of your event to make sure all the details are taken care of,” Rex states. “Every member of our sales and event team has multiple years of experience in planning and executing catered events. We want your entire event to be a success.”


Wedding guests laugh over served hors d'oeuvres, featured on The Pink Bride {Spotlight: Bradford Catered Events}

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Although wedding catering might not be on your radar yet as a new bride-to-be, Bradford Catered Events can help you start planning your vision for the reception meal at any stage of the process.

“We understand that wedding catering is often not one of the first things a newly engaged couple looks to contract; it’s often the church, the reception venue and the dress that fall first in the line of wedding plan obligations,” Rex elaborates. “The food served at your wedding is sure to be an important component that all of the guests will experience, and we are excited to help you plan it.”


Where can we expect to see Bradford Catered Events in the next few years?

It’s obvious that we’ll see Bradford Catered Events getting bigger and better each year – all while staying true to the original values of the Jones family.

“We’re so excited about the direction of Bradford Catered Events,” Rex explains. “I have been catering events here in Knoxville, TN, for over 30 years, and I’m just as excited now as I was when I started my business. My son is now a third generation owner of our business and brings a great knowledge of the hospitality industry to our catering company. We have expanded our team, and we feel we have some of the best event professionals in Knoxville working with us. We’re so grateful that vendors, brides, and clients continue to refer our services.”


Bradord Catered Events, premier Knoxville wedding and event caterer


To learn more about how Bradford Catered Events can make the wedding celebration of your dreams come to life, contact Rex and his team at (865)522-5552, and be sure to visit their new website, Facebook page, and Twitter for more information. Tell them that The Pink Bride sent you!