Wedding pictures are one of the most important aspects of your big day! Every moment is precious, so you will want to capture as much as possible. To do this, you will need an experienced Tennessee wedding photographer with the right equipment and a great attitude. Since your wedding photographer will spend more time with you than nearly any other Tennessee wedding vendor on wedding day, the last thing you need is someone who’s grouchy and less than happy to be there.

Finding the right Tennessee wedding photography company to fit your needs can take some time. Start by asking friends and family members who have recently tied the knot for referrals. Make a list of the referrals so it will be easier to research each potential photographer in order to find your top favorites. Then, narrow down your search even more!

To make sure everything related to your wedding photography goes smoothly, I spoke with Knoxville wedding photographer Ben Moser to find out what steps brides should follow to help them find a perfect wedding photographer. As the owner of a premier wedding photography company in Knoxville, Knox Wedding Photo + Video, Ben gave us five fabulous points!

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1. Meet with potential Tennessee wedding photographers in person prior to booking.

Today, it is much easier to go online and book certain services without even talking to someone! Choosing a wedding photographer should not be one of those bookings. The best way to find a photographer for your Tennessee wedding is by speaking with candidates face-to-face. It is the perfect opportunity for brides and photographers to establish a working connection. Unfortunately, if the outcome of your appointment consists of clashing personalities or memories of a photographer who focused on anything but you and your needs, you might want to cross that option off your list.

“The photographer is the one vendor that will spend the majority of time with the bride and groom,” Ben continues. “With that being said, meeting the photographer in person will allow the bride to create a first impression by personality alone.” Ben continues by saying that Tennessee brides will also need to consider professional work ethics and whether or not the photographer can meet her photography needs and wants. As a woman, use your great sense of intuition when it comes to making wedding vendor choices. If certain elements of a photographer don’t mesh well with you, trust your gut feeling, and move on to the next appointment.

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2. Make sure you have ample communication with your wedding photographer.

Communication is key when it comes to specific details for wedding photos…or any other aspect of your day, for that matter!. According to Ben, communication between a photographer and his or her client is very important in order to have a successful experience.

“To get the conversation started, I ask questions about the wedding venue as well as types of photo styles they have selected,” Ben states. “These questions help give me a better vision of what the couple is expecting. I can then add a few of my own professional tweaks to combine our ideas. Prior to the wedding, I will suggest to the couple that we do a simple walk-through of the wedding venue to find ideal locations for shooting each photo. At the end of the day, because there was communication, both parties will have worked together as a team to produce the perfect photo opportunities possible.”

Because this is your wedding day, your ideas and opinions matter most. Just remember that the photographer is the professional, and that’s why they were hired. It will be easy to avoid any miscommunication by leaving no unanswered questions and all details discussed.

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3. Make sure you have a contract that binds your Tennessee wedding photographer to perform the duties agreed upon at the mutually agreed-upon price.

Legal issues can arise anywhere at any time, and you certainly don’t want them to show up on your wedding day. In order to avoid these issues, always make sure you have a contract binding your Tennessee wedding photographer (or any wedding vendor, for that matter). Ben says that a contract simply protects both parties from the “he said, she said” troubles and ultimately ensures that you get what you paid for on wedding day.

“Things can happen, and when they do, it is in everyone’s best interest to have a reference,” Ben explains. “A wedding contract will state all the information discussed and promised between the photographer and the bride and groom. It will clearly list the responsibilities that were agreed upon before, during, and after the wedding, as well as pricing and discounts.”

It’s better to be safe than sorry. If a contract is not available, things that were discussed verbally can be forgotten or changed without notification at any time. Protect your wedding’s best interests by always securing arrangements with contracts!

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4. Ask the photographer if he or she uses an assistant or second shooter.

Using one experienced photographer to shoot your wedding photos is definitely not a bad idea. But, one wedding photographer cannot be in two places at once. It’s impossible! Simply too many moments to capture exist, too many people to organize, and too many places to be on your wedding day that one person can’t handle alone. To get full coverage of the day’s events, Ben suggests having two photographers on site shooting photos in separate areas. One photographer can focus exclusively on you and your groom while the other is focusing on guests and other details. In the end, the advantage of having two photographers will absolutely be worth the investment. This is especially true when you get to choose from a variety of photos that piece together the biggest day of your life!

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5. Make sure professional wedding photography options and ideas are given.

Not all brides want to break the wedding tradition of seeing the groom before the ceremony to take pictures. However, with so many wedding day demands, both the bride and groom end up having very little time to visit with guests and enjoy the evening before it comes to an end. Pictures are one of those demands! To lessen the stress, ask the photographer what he or she suggests when it comes to taking photos throughout the day.

“Taking lots of pictures in a short period of time can cause everyone involved to become physically and mentally exhausted,” Ben says. To avoid this from happening, he suggests that the bride and groom consider taking as many photos before the wedding day as possible. This way, they are sure to get the exact shots they want at the best time of day. First Look photos are a big option for this. “These photo sessions are a peaceful and private getaway designed for the bride and groom to be alone for a few minutes before the ceremony begins,” Ben continues. “Photographers are able to capture beautiful pictures of them both as a couple and individually.”

If you are a bride who will not choose to break the tradition, don’t worry! The photographer will have another plan for taking post-ceremony photos, and you will still have time to spare for friends and family.

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To learn more about Knox Wedding Photo + Video, visit the company website and read their four points for exceptional wedding photography or cinematography experiences. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook today! For more information or to schedule an appointment, give Ben a call at (865)229-6673. Tell him The Pink Bride sent you!



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