You may have not been raised in a barn, but you should definitely get married in one! The trend of barn weddings has been around for years, and isn’t going away anytime soon! The reason being, barn weddings are elegant without being pretentious, rustic without being tacky, and so charming and sweet that even the toughest of critics will be won over! Continue reading to see why we absolutely love barn weddings!

1. You Get Freedom in Your Design Choices

Reception table decor with chandelier inside rustic barn by Jessi Pansock Photography  | The Pink Bride®

Barns are the perfect backdrop for your romantic day, and their simple look allows a lot of freedom in your decor choices. Nothing clashes with the woodsy vibe of a barn, meaning you can choose whatever colors and materials you’d like for your decor! Pretty much any theme you can come up with works with your barn venue, and that is just one of the reasons we love barn weddings!

2. You Can Have Unlimited Florals

Brightly colored bouquet by Southern Knot photographed by Jessi Pansock Photography | The Pink Bride®

In addition to the fact that the simplicity of barns allows for lots of freedom in your design, it also gives you freedom in your choice of florals! Go all out with an array of different types, colors, and sizes for an exciting and bright look, or stick to a more monochrome palette for an elegant and minimalistic feel. Either way, your floral arrangements, like this beautiful bouquet from Southern Knot Weddings & Floral Design, will be the proverbial cherry on top of a gorgeous barn wedding!

3. They Have Incredible Photo Ops

Two pink velvet armchairs for bride and groom at rustic barn wedding by Jessi Pansock Photography | The Pink Bride®

The rustic barnwood look is an ideal photo op in itself, but we just love the idea of throwing in a splash of color and texture like these pink velvet chairs! The contrast of the natural wood and the glamorous velvet makes for a super interesting and unique picture. Plus, those plush chairs are perfect for sinking into after a long day of standing and posing!

4. They’re Comfortable in Any Weather

Table decor in rustic barn with hanging greenery and "love" lights on wall by Jessi Pansock Photography | The Pink Bride®

Any bride understands the fear of choosing an outdoor venue and then worrying about what the weather will be like on your wedding day. Even if your venue has an indoor option, you don’t want to have the stress of having to move it all inside when it wasn’t going to be there originally! Luckily, with a barn wedding, you’ll be happy and comfortable rain or shine. They’re cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and cozy in the rain. No matter how frightful the weather outside, you’ll be happy, dry, and relaxed when you choose to have a barn wedding!

5. Your Day Will Be Perfect

Table set up with unique green and beige china by Jessi Pansock Photography  | The Pink Bride®

There are many magical venues where you can have a perfect wedding day, and a gorgeous rustic barn is definitely one of those venues. You’ll be happy and comfortable, the decor will be exactly what you dreamed it would be, your flowers from Southern Knot Weddings & Floral Design will accentuate the perfect simplicity of the barn, and your pictures chronicling your wedding day will be proof that your barn wedding is a dream come true! What more could you want?? If you’ve been considering a barn wedding, take our advice and go for it!


Photographer: Jessi Pansock Photography

Floral & Staging: Southern Knot Weddings & Floral Design