Not even freezing temperatures and snow could stop the marriage between lovebirds Abigail and James! Their Johnson City wedding is what dreams are made of, and we love a couple who can make the best of maybe less than ideal conditions; the snow just made their pictures even better!

The Moment She Knew

Bride and groom covered by veil at sunset by Andrew & Erin Photography | The Pink Bride®

The story of how a couple met is always a favorite to be told again and again at weddings, and the story is completely unique to every couple. We love the romantic simplicity of how Abigail realized she was in love with James.

“We met at a late night restaurant through mutual friends in college. At one point it was just the two of us at the table and James said something that made me laugh so hard I spit out my milkshake all over the table. It was gross and embarrassing so I knew we had to be friends. After that, it built little by little through drives we took together. We talked about music and books and I realized that no matter how different we were in some aspects, he understood who I was and I felt like myself with him.”


Driving together while talking and listening to music is very important to Abigail and James, and it seems to be one of the ways they created such a strong bond. The song they chose for their first dance comes from one of those drives. Abigail says,


“We chose an acoustic version of “Venice” by The Lighthouse and The Whaler because it played on the radio on our first date as we drove to the top of a mountain. The song is about the brevity of life and the main line is “Why don’t we fall in love?” It seems a little morbid for a wedding song but it’s special to us and it’s true–life is short. I think we’re building our best life by living it together.”

Hard Work Pays Off

White flowers, bride and groom dancing, and 3 tiered cake make of pies by Andrew & Erin Photography | The Pink Bride®

Planning a wedding is hard, there’s no if’s and’s or but’s about it! Planning a wedding without hiring a professional is a daunting task, but we must say that Abigail did an amazing job! We asked her if she felt like the process of planning was more stressful than she imagined, and she answered with “I love planning anything. I was traveling for more than half of our engagement so that brought its own challenges but overall the process was great.”


However, no matter your planning acumen, sometimes you just need an extra hand for something as difficult as a wedding. When asked about budget-cut regrets, Abigail explained that she wishes she had decided to hire someone to help day-of.


“I do wish we had hired a day-of event director to keep everything moving so I didn’t have to think about any of it as the bride (because I wasn’t thinking about it–a little distracted).”

Go Your Own Way

Bride smiling over her shoulder and cake made of pies by Andrew & Erin Photography | The Pink Bride®

It’s very important that your wedding be exactly how you want it. You shouldn’t let the opinions of society or acquaintances dictate how what you have to do at a wedding. Abigail and James understood this well, and were sure to plan a wedding that was unique to them, even if that meant straying from tradition. Abigail says,

“My mantra throughout the planning process was that we would make decisions based on what we wanted, not what was expected. We stayed traditional on not seeing each other until the aisle and the look on his face was worth every bit of the scheduling sacrifice. Other than that, it was more of a march to our own drum. Instead of prelude music, we played my favorite animated short films and we had a tiered wedding pie instead of cake.”

We think this is great inspiration to anyone in the process of planning a wedding; do what makes you happy! Abigail also had another bit of advice for any spouse-to-be: “Don’t hold so many expectations for this one day to be everything you’ve been dreaming about since you were a kid. It’s going to be amazing because of the choice you’re making to spend your life with this person. Love them first, be kind to people throughout the process, and have so much fun.”

Go With The Flow

Bride and groom happily pose in the snow by Andrew & Erin Photography | The Pink Bride®

Sometimes, your wedding day doesn’t go exactly as planned. Whether that be because your hair won’t cooperate, the seating has to be changed, or like in James and Abigail’s case, there is some unexpected weather, you have to just go with the flow and don’t let that put a damper on your day! We love this couple’s attitude towards the snowy weather; they really embraced it!


“We had about seven inches of snow and I don’t think the temperature was over 20 degrees the whole day. After the wedding, we went through the drive-thru of the restaurant where we met and made our way to the top of a parking deck overlooking Johnson City where we had our first kiss. Our photographers met us there and took my favorite images of the day in the freezing weather.”

How romantic, and those pictures were definitely worth braving the cold weather!

Bride and groom dance at wedding reception by Andrew & Erin Photography | The Pink Bride®

Congratulations Abigail and James, from all of us at The Pink Bride!



Reception Venue: Carnegie Hotel

Photographer: Andrew & Erin Photography

Pies: Kakes by Kassie