This week I spoke with Jamie Walker of Bangs and Blush in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Bangs and Blush is made of an elite team of wedding stylist who are experts at making you look and feel glamorous for your big day.

What sparked your love for this industry? 

“I saw a need where there wasn’t really anyone providing. And, the fact that what we do can be made mobile, makes things more convenient for our clients.”

Did you always want to have this career?

“So, I totally used to do pest control! This sort of just fell in my lap. It was a passion I didn’t even know I had!”

What characteristic makes you good at your job? 

“My attention to detail. Wedding pictures are what preserve such wonderful memories forever. I think everyone should look their most beautiful on such a beautiful occasion.”

What do your clients say that makes you proud?

“When Bangs and Blush brides come back and say they enjoyed their time with us and they loved what we did for them.”

When do you know it’s a job well done?

“When my clients are truly happy with my work. I strive for perfection so I work extra hard to get my girls there!”

Can you share a favorite wedding moment? 

“I was called by one of our stylists’ (Wendy) boyfriends the night before a wedding. We went and worked the wedding together and the entire time I knew when we left I was taking Wendy to get engaged! After a hilarious scavenger hunt our lovely Wendy had a ring on her finger!”

Can you share a funny wedding story?

“Christian, my business partner, and I were invited to stay at one of our bride and grooms reception. During the garter toss, Christian caught the garter while I caught the bouquet during the bouquet toss.”

Get to Know Jamie….

Do you have any children/grandchildren? “Yes, a daughter. Her name is Makayla.”

What’s your favorite Sonic Drink?  “Typical Cherry-Limeade lover!”

Cats or Dogs: “Dogs.” Jamie has two dogs, Tiger and Jaxon. 

Can you cook? If yes, what’s your specialty? “I can now make rice!”

What are the three best apps on your phone? “Instagram, Pinterest and Personalities.”

Favorite sport or team? “Unless they are all playing sports in wedding gowns, I don’t really follow it. Ha.”

If you had a superpower, what would it be? “The ability to make women see how beautiful I think they are.”

What do you do to relive stress? “Go to Kbrew.”

How do you drink your coffee at Kbrew? “On ice, with milk.”

Do you have a celebrity encounter story? “In 2014, I had the opportunity to work as a makeup artist on the set of Identical and met Ashley Judd and Seth Green.”

Who is your role model and why? “Kim McGann. She is an entrepreneur whose strength and success is inspiring to me.”

Is there a language you want to learn how to speak? “Mandarin. They say it’s the most difficult. Bring on the challenge!”

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? “You can never dream big enough and anything is obtainable when you put your mind to it.”

What are you most grateful for? “I am most grateful for my brides, business partner (Christian) and my team because they have give me the opportunity to do what I love!”

Thank you, Jamie, for taking the time to talk with me. You are truly full of life! 

Brides, if you’re seeking exceptional hair and makeup for your wedding day look no further than the team at Bangs & Blush. Give Jamie a call today!

(865) 366-4600

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