When Phillip and Leasha Newton of East Tennessee DJ company Sound Force saw an increased demand for their amazing event lighting and design services, they decided to create a subsection to their booming DJ company in order to better meet the needs of party planners in East Tennessee. That subsection to Sound Force is Luma Designs, and it is now one of Tennessee’s fastest growing event design companies, serving a 100-mile radius around its offices in Knoxville and Chattanooga.

With that being said, it’s no secret that Phillip and Leasha definitely know a thing or two about making your wedding a truly breathtaking event! I chatted with Leasha recently to discuss the most popular design elements seen at weddings today, and she let me in on what you can use each for to create the perfect look and feel on your special day. Read on for details!

Tennessee wedding ceremony with white draping in background by Luma Designs

Outdoor clear tent with deep orange draping for Tennessee wedding reception with decor by Luma Designs

1. Use draping within your wedding décor to transform your wedding venue.

As is the case with many décor elements at your wedding and reception, how little or how much draping is used at your event is very much a personal preference and doesn’t need to be a stressful decision. What brides may not realize about draping, however, is just how versatile of a décor element it can be! Leasha details that draping can be used to disguise aspects of your venue that you do not like or that do not fit the overall theme of your wedding.

“Draping can serve as a nice break between sections of your reception venue,” she details. She also went on to describe that draping is especially popular for the ceremony site, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be overpowering. It is either a small or large way to transform your space, depending on your vision for the day.

Uplighting and monogram lighting by Luma Designs for Tennessee wedding reception, photographed by Bamber Photography

Bistro lights and custom monogrammed wedding lighting by Luma Designs

2. Opt for specialty lighting to customize your wedding venue.

Uplighting, spotlighting and underlighting are huge right now…and for good reason! Lighting has the ability to completely change the mood of your guests and your venue instantly, and such a powerful design element should definitely be trusted to an expert.

“Lighting allows you to really customize your space,” Leasha explains, “and it lets you draw attention to your favorite décor elements at your reception that might not be noticed immediately otherwise.” She details that Luma Designs frequently creates custom light designs for brides and grooms, including everything from patterns and logos to monograms and even flourishes from your invitation. This customizable ability allows you to create a cohesive design that pulls all the elements of your day together. Leasha details that you should consider highlighting the big-ticket items at your reception that may go overlooked, or won’t be as admired as you had hoped, without the assistance of lighting. This includes various elements of the night, like the centerpieces on each table and even your wedding cake. “Highlight what’s important to you and what you’ve really splurged on with your budget by using lighting to call attention to it,” Leasha states. “They’re ‘wow’ pieces, and you and your guests need to be able to see and enjoy them.”

Chandeliers with draping and uplighting at Tennessee wedding reception by Luma Designs, photographed by Garrett Nudd Photography

3. Keep the “big picture” in mind for the overall design of your wedding ceremony and reception.

When it comes to planning your overall design, Leasha describes that you should take a step back and really think about how it all will work together in the end.

At Luma Designs, they sit down with each client and help them design the event of their dreams. Leasha is always sure to ask brides and grooms what’s most important to them and what they don’t like, and if she or her team has never been to the venue before, they visit it in-person to get a better feel for what the couple needs design-wise. Since different clients are always in different stages of the design-planning process, a high level of personalization and design assistance is what Luma Designs specializes in. Leasha details that trusting your designer is a big part of asking for this help, however. After all, you definitely won’t want to ask your family or close friends to slave away decorating and then tearing down the décor after the reception has ended, so definitely consider trusting your vision to a professional to oversee implementation.

Outdoor tent with draping and uplighting by Luma Designs

Luma Designs works with many of the area’s best wedding professionals to bring you the most amazing look for your entire wedding day. Just give them a call at (855) 488-LUMA to set up a meeting, and be sure to connect with them via their website and Facebook page, too. If you’re in need of an amazing DJ for your big day as well, call Sound Force at 1-800-529-9278, and save money by bundling your DJ and event design services. Tell them The Pink Bride sent you!



Images courtesy of Leasha Newton via email.
Third photo by Bamber Photography.
Fifth photo by Garrett Nudd Photography.