When royal meets modern

Usually, the first thing that comes to mind for the words “royal wedding” is Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding. A royal wedding is full of sophistication and tradition heavily filled with detailed decor and bold and bright colors.They ooze charm and are truly majestic and timeless occasions. Though, as amazing as they are, sometimes it is alright to break tradition. Even the most classic things in the world can use some spicing up. Give your wedding a modern twist by adding boho elements to this classic wedding theme.

Details galore!

Any bride who loves the boho-chic style loves her details! Of course, royal weddings have their fair share of details as well, though it is much more of a baroque style. Royal weddings are very over-the-top and structured, whereas boho-themed weddings are much more free-flowing and have an airy feel to them. Though, when these two styles combine, it makes for a wonderful detail-filled event. Add some bling and a cathedral veil to your flower crown or opt for floral chandeliers instead of string fairy lights. The main thing to remember is that balance is the key to perfecting this combination of styles. These details must complement each other, rather than overshadow each other.

Trade in bold colors for softer shades

Gold and red are key colors in many royal weddings. Take a modern approach by opting for soft shades to give your wedding a lighter atmosphere. Pair a strong statement color like gold with various shades of soft pink and white to give your wedding the ultimate modern regal look! You can incorporate lucite if you want to add even more modern elements into your wedding. It’s transparent and light-reflecting quality will only enhance your modern regal wedding theme! Mixing these lighter, softer colors with ornate gold decor is sure to put the perfect boho spin on a traditional royal-themed wedding.

Modern Regal Wedding Color Palette Inspiration Board With Bright White Rosewater Camellia Rose and Gold Details | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com


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