Choosing the most important dress of your life is no easy task. Well, imagine designing them! Last year, Tennessee welcomed Australian-born wedding dress designer Callie Tein, who opened one of her flagship boutiques right here in Downtown Nashville, Modern Trousseau Nashville. To celebrate their one year anniversary in Music City, Callie flew in to meet with many of her new brides and clients. Last week, I was able to sit down with Callie and talk about her experience thus far working with many wonderful Tennessee brides. Read on to find out how Callie has fallen in love with Nashville’s southern charm!

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How are you celebrating your first anniversary in Nashville?

“It’s been one year, which is fantastic. So, I wanted to come down and meet with brides. We have Nashville Fashion Week coming up, so Mary Claire and I have been going over the dresses we are showing. We are going to have a sneak peak of some of our new designs that we haven’t shown yet and that we will be taking to New York for New York Bridal Week. But, it’s really just a celebration of the fact that we’ve been here for one year and that things are going really well. We are really excited, and we’ve had a great response to the store and collection. It’s funny because I travel a lot, and people have said ‘oh, we’ve been to your store in Nashville, and we love it.’ So, it is really good to get that feedback. It has just been fun to be here and meet with brides and clients.”


Why did you choose Nashville as a location for one of your boutiques?

“I have no idea what it was about Nashville. I think part of it is that my husband and I are from Australia, so we really love it down south. It feels a little like home because it is very laid back and the climate is a bit warmer. There is just something about the south that reminds up of home. We basically looked for a place where we had an opening in the market and a place where we felt the dresses would be well received. We have a store in Charleston, South Carolina, so it was a small step to get to Nashville. My husband fell in love with this building, too. It was just the right ingredients to make the move here.”

{Modern Trousseau Nashville Celebrates One Year Anniversary} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of Modern Trousseau Nashville. || #moderntrousseaunashville #moderntrousseau #weddingdresses

What has been your favorite thing about being in the Nashville market?

“Last time I was here it was freezing cold. We went out to dinner every night. I loved the fact that there were all these bands playing. And, one night, all of the sudden all of these swing dancers got up out of no where and started dancing, and they were really good swing dancers. You would never find that in Connecticut. I love that type of feel that I get from Nashville. Everything is very real and spontaneous. People down here just seem to love to have a good time; there are so many balls, events galas and that sort of thing. There is really just a great energy here in Nashville.”


What do you envision when you are designing for southern brides?

“I always think of the weather first. People like to get married in the Summer, and it is very hot down here. So, I am constantly thinking of light weight fabrics and dresses that brides will be comfortable in. Down here, it is more relaxed, but not necessarily in terms of the dress. We see a lot of the traditional ballgown shape on girls down here, but we still like to make it very light, soft and romantic. So, that is the type of look that I often think of when I think of southern. But, at the same time, we have a lot of tighter-fitting, sexy dresses down here as well. We never want to stereotype a market. We want to make sure that we have a good variety and cross-section of all the dresses and accessories that we do. But, I do love to do the big, full ballgowns down here and make them soft and floaty.”

{Modern Trousseau Nashville Celebrates One Year Anniversary} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of Ashlan Bonnell. || #moderntrousseaunashville #moderntrousseau #weddingdresses

How do you look back on your first year here?

“It has been a lot of fun. I think we’ve had some really great brides come in. I think the great part is that we’ve been able to establish ourselves quickly in the community. We got such a warm feeling from people who came in. They were all glad we are here and had been online. A lot of bride’s travel, so many had been to other cities with Modern Trousseau. Now, they can come here and see the whole collection. Often in our stores, we have dresses that aren’t available anywhere else, so it is really nice to be able to offer that to brides.”


What do you hope for the store and your designs going forward?

“I think, in a sense, more of the same because it has been so fabulous. I want to see more brides, of course, but I also want to get more involved in the evening gowns that people will wear for the Swan Ball or the Symphony Ball. I am currently talking to a few people about making some custom gowns for them, which will be really fun. It is always fun to do color, so that is one thing that I don’t get to do so much of. To be able to do more color and evening gowns going forward would be a really new dynamic for us and an interesting aspect for our Nashville store.”


What do you love most about your Nashville brides?

“I love Nashville; it’s great. I love the atmosphere, the restaurants, the weather. It’s finally warming up, and we’re going to get some Spring. But, I think the reception from the brides has been the best thing. They have really appreciated the quality of the dresses and the fabrics we use. Brides often say things like ‘I love this dress because I love this lace,’ because we use French lace, or ‘I love this silk on the dress; it’s so light’ because it is 100% silk. They really get the quality of the materials, and they love that the dresses are made in the U.S. We have always been so pro-making things in America and not losing the skill set that has developed around the industry. Once things begin being made overseas, you lose everything that goes with it, the fabric stores, the places you buy trims and thread, people that create your patterns for you and those that pleat your materials. All of those disappear if we don’t support the industry, which will make it very hard for new, young designers coming up because we need to have an industry here to be able to grow. If you don’t support the industry at a grassroots level, there will be no American-born designers.”

{Modern Trousseau Nashville Celebrates One Year Anniversary} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of Ashlan Bonnell. || #moderntrousseaunashville #moderntrousseau #weddingdresses

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Images courtesy of Modern Trousseau Facebook Page and Ashlan Bonnell.