Let’s all admit it – we’ve all day dreamed of how amazing our honeymoon will be someday.  The sun, the sand, that crystal blue water and quality time with our hubbies is enough to get every bride excited.  From long sunny days with margaritas, polar bear kisses in the snow, or couples massages in the spa, your post-wedding vacay is meant for rest, relaxation and a chance to check out from the real world.  Because planning for your big day is an adventure on its own, many brides end up saving the honeymoon prep for last.

When deciding what to bring on your honeymoon, it’s easy to become over prepared. We’re often tempted to bring way more than what is necessary and often end up with heavy suitcases full of things we don’t need.  Whether you’re soaking up the sun’s rays on a tropical island in paradise or hitting the cold slopes of Aspen, we’ve compiled a list of the ultimate honeymoon must-haves for every destination.

Luggage Photo with Hat, Sandals, & Camera for Must-Have Travel Items for Your Honeymoon | STIL | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com

The Basics

  • Carry-on
  • Passport, IDs
  • Reading material for the flights and during down time
  • Laptop, camera, chargers
  • Toiletries
  • Pajamas
  • Lingerie to surprise him on the first night
  • Perfume that you wore on your wedding day (This will bring back memories for him!)
  • A special outfit to wear to dinner
  • Workout Gear
  • Sunglasses
  • Guide Book
  • Language Dictionary
  • Comfortable clothes to fly home in
Woman Reading Book on Beach for Must-Have Travel Items for Your Honeymoon | Chen Zo | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com

Warm Weather Honeymoon

  • Sunhat
  • Bathing suits for the beach and pool
  • Sunscreen
  • Small cooler for keeping a few bottles of water, beer, champagne, etc., for when you head out to the beach if your accommodations don’t provide something for you to use.
  • Speaker to take to the beach
  • Comfortable shoes (like sandals or Chaco’s for walking)
Couple in Beanies and Snow for Must-Have Travel Items for Your Honeymoon | SavWalts Photography | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com

Cold Weather Honeymoon

  • Winter hat, scarves, gloves
  • Heavy coat (Patagonia makes great ones)
  • Thick sweaters
  • Thermal tops and leggings
  • Jeans
  • Socks – Our favorite are J. Crew’s Camp Socks!
  • Boots for hiking – L.L. Bean Boots are a classic too!
  • Hand warmers
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