Natural colors

Orange is the color that is associated with all things positive. A mix of the powerful color red and yellow’s happiness and joy, orange is the go-to summer color that everyone loves (especially our UT Football fans!) This vibrant color is sure to get you and your guests hyped up about your big day! The shades of orange in this color palette are not just your plain orange color. Citrus, bright marigold and spicy orange are all shades of orange that appear in nature. We see them in our food and our favorite flowers. This adds to the appeal of the orange color and makes it even more invigorating and exciting. Summertime is when these colors show up the most, so you will have no problem incorporating these colors into your summer wedding because they will not be hard to find.

Perfect for an outdoor wedding!

Orange is a loud color that will stand out among any color that it is accompanied by. This makes it an ideal color for an outdoor wedding. A summer wedding is all about everything bold and bright, and who wouldn’t want their wedding to be the brightest and most beautiful event in town! You get to work with all of the colors outdoors: the blue sky, colorful flowers, green grass, and everything else in between! The natural light coming from the sun will make these beautiful shades of orange show even brighter. Plus, if you are also looking to have an outdoor reception, an amazing orange sunset will definitely make your wedding a sight to see.


Opulent Orange Wedding Color Palette Inspiration Board With Citrus Bright Marigold & Spicy Orange Details | The Pink Bride®


Image Credits:

Bride and Groom – Tara Kneiser Photography at Zoo Knoxville | Altar – Sterling Imageworks  | Invitation – Texture Photo | Bouquet – Peerless Weddings arranged by Helen Allen | Drinks – Castleton Farms by Ben Finch Photography | Styled Reception Table – Divine Designs photographed by Daisy Moffatt | Reception Area –  Allandale Mansion & Allandale Vintage Barns photographed by Katrina Serene Photography | Place Setting – Jennie Andrews Photography | Door Sign – Skye Blair Photography at CJ’s Off The Square