You’ve set the date and booked the venue. Now it’s time to start envisioning the colors that will complement your wedding vision!

If you crave a bright, energized vibe for your special day, then orange is the perfect color for you! Vibrant and playful, orange is the color of confidence and warmth in the West. In Eastern culture, it is often associated with happiness, spirituality and adaptability. In India, orange is a sacred color symbolizing love and courage and is thought to be the color of wisdom in Buddhism. An orange wedding will create a welcoming and excited atmosphere. Orange evokes energy and vibrancy, while maintaining a friendly appeal often thought to bring people together.

Choosing orange as your main wedding theme can identify you as a friendly, warm and fun-loving individual. Often incorporated into fall or summer weddings, orange blends with warm colors and pops brilliantly against cool colors. High energy, yet not overpowering, orange is perfect for adding a burst of vibrant color to your wedding.


Wedding color orange meaning, palettes and inspiration | The Pink Bride®


When selecting your colors, consider the shade of orange that fits your personality and wedding vision. 


Shades of Orange infographic | The Pink Bride®


While fun on it’s own, you can blend your friendly shade of orange with other colors to add more depth of color and layered meanings. 

If passion is what you are looking for, add some red to warm things up and add a more romantic feel to orange’s friendly, accepting mood.

Or introduce yellow to the color palette to add some light and joy. As analogous colors, these three blend harmoniously and together are associated with warmth, light and inner courage. Pink is also often included in this warm color palette. While romantic like red, pink will add a softer, more feminine feel to an orange wedding.


Orange wedding color palette with red and yellow, images by Jennette Leigh Photography | The Pink Bride®


For a fresh and organic feel, green will contrast orange without competing for attention. As part of orange’s triad, green allows it to shine bright and cheerful while grounding it and giving it a stage.


Orange wedding color palette with blue and bright red, images by Danielle Evans Photography | The Pink Bride®


If an explosion of contrasting color is your heart’s desire, blue is orange’s soulmate. While normally, a color of cool, collected balance, blue becomes electrified by it’s complimentary color, orange.  Blue’s calm, dependable and quiet maturity balances orange’s animated, spontaneous and outgoing playfulness. If opposites attract in your relationship, this duo might be the perfect personification.


Orange wedding color palette with blue and purple, images by Sterling Imageworks | The Pink Bride®


For the creative soul, purple will add a more spiritual and artistic feel to your special day. As part of Orange’s triad, purple will frame orange whimsically and showcase orange’s pop of vibrant energy.

If ultimate contrast is your goal, black will electrify orange and lend a modern, more sophisticated feel. This combination can be overpowering, so be aware and play with limiting one or the other. The key to this pair is to use one color to compliment the other and avoid a perfect balance.


Orange wedding color palette floral arrangement with images by Dixie Pixel | The Pink Bride®


To calm orange and give it a more rustic feel, gray is the perfect neutral neutral. Gray is sleek and versatile. Make sure to play with hues of gray and be aware of how orange affects them. Warm grays will blend harmoniously with orange, but cool or neutral grays will appear more blue and offer more contrast.

In the same category, silver can also appear more blue sometimes, but will lend it’s glamorous modern elegance to orange’s burst of youthful energy.

If your orange wedding is to be a grand and decadent affair, gold will gently compliment and guild orange in a glowing and warm atmosphere.  Shades away from orange, gold will blend in, but still add it’s rich touch of opulence.


Orange wedding color inspriation with floral and table setting, images by Sterling Imageworks | The Pink Bride®


An Orange wedding celebrates positive and confident love with a fun and playful flare. Surrounded in a vibrant jolt of energetic color, you can say “I do” with courage and enthusiasm.