Sometimes you come across a wedding story that is so full of love and happiness that you just can’t help but smile while reading it. That is certainly the case with Angela and Robert’s wedding, their love for each other is so strong and so clear!

True Love is Real

Bride with long lace veil embracing groom by Tracy Brewington Photography | The Pink Bride®

In all the pictures of their wedding, the love between Angela and Robert is tangible. There is no sense of awkwardness or discomfort at being in front of a camera; they are just happy to be together! From what Angela has to say about their relationship, it seems that they were destined for each other. When asked when she knew she was falling in love, Angela said, “The moment we first met. We met at a real estate conference in Las Vegas that we both decided to fly out to last minute from opposite ends of the country. I was walking down a hallway when our eyes met. Robert extended his hand while he uncharacteristically blurted out, ‘Hi, I’m Robert and you’re cute!’ Although it was not the most suave introduction (and honestly a bit cheesy), as soon as we shook hands and looked into each other’s eyes we knew we were destined to meet one another. He told me he loved me about two weeks after we met. As crazy as it sounds, I couldn’t help but reciprocate the three words as I felt exactly the same.”


On that same note, Angela was asked what her favorite quality of her husbands was. Her beautiful answer is enough to make anyone cry!


“They say you have to experience the opposite of something to truly appreciate its counterpoint. Through my husbands unbelievable sorrows and unfortunate  tragedies in his lifetime,  he is able to love deeper than anyone I’ve ever known. He treats me like I am a treasure and tells me everyday how thankful he is that God brought me into his life and showed him what unconditional love was. His love makes me want to be a better person; He makes me feel like I can accomplish anything with him right by my side.”

A Well Executed Theme

Pink, white, and gold French inspired wedding decor photographed by Tracy Brewington Photography | The Pink Bride®

We asked Angela if she had any specific theme or design inspiration for her wedding day, and she answered, “Romantic French Countryside. Our wedding was outside in a rose garden.”  We think they pulled this look off absolutely perfectly! The blush colored roses coordinating with the blush linens is oh so French. Plus, roses are the quintessential romantic flower!


One the subject of romance, Angela told us the reasoning behind their choice of first dance song, and it could not be more romantic!


“One Thousand Years by Christina Perri. Both Robert and I waited a long time to get married. Both coming from past marriage/long term relationships that were not healthy we both knew in our hearts that our true soulmates were out there and one day we would find them because we already loved each other before even meeting. Robert and I have such an unbelievable bond; I can’t believe God blessed us both with such an incredible love. For our first dance, I actually went into the studio and re-recorded the song as a tribute to Robert. We choreographed the song to a Viennese waltz. We didn’t tell the guests I was singing the song so it was extra magical once the music started.”

Unforgettable Memories

Collage of pink and white florals, hanging florals, and bride and groom during ceremony by Tracy Brewington Photography | The Pink Bride®

There are some moments at your wedding that will be seared in your memory for as long as you live. These are the most special, wonderful, life-altering moments, and Angela was kind enough to share her moment with us. To her, the most memorable moment was the first look.


“I’d have to say first look was probably the most magical. He was standing by an old oak tree overlooking a mirrored pond. When he turned around and looked at me without words his eyes whispered, ‘I will love you and protect your heart until the day I leave this world.’ It was in that exact moment that I knew no matter how hard the winds may blow in this life, I was marrying someone who would always be there for me. Life as I knew it would forever change; I would no longer weather the storms of life alone.”


Another memorable aspect of Angela and Robert’s wedding is the way that they didn’t follow what is considered “traditional” for a wedding! Angela tells us,

He actually took my last name. He even went dress shopping with me and helped me pick out my dress (poor thing)!

New Traditions

Bride and groom smiling as they walk down aisle strewn with rose petals by Tracy Brewington Photography | The Pink Bride®

One of the most touching parts of Angela and Robert’s special day was their unique unity symbol.

“Robert and I refer to each other as ‘penguin soul mates’. When a male penguin finds his life partner he will scour the beach until he finds a perfectly round pebble and then places it at her feet as a proposal. If she accepts the pebble, then it becomes a part of their nest and they become life partners. Many years ago, while vacationing at our favorite beach in Fort Morgan, AL, I scoured the beach until I found a beautiful, round pebble and I gave it to Robert and told him the story about the penguins. On our wedding day he presented the same pebble back to me at the altar. It was an incredible gesture of commitment and undying love. It was like a fairytale. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house!”


There isn’t a dry eye in this office either!! The amazing love between these two beautiful people is absolutely inspirational, and they are proof that, in Angela’s own, words, “Happily Ever Afters Exist.”


Congratulations Angela and Robert, from all of us at The Pink Bride!



Venue: The Hermitage Golf Course

Photographer: Tracy Brewington

Wedding Planner: Tiffany Elliott