From the time many of us were little girls, we dreamed of the day we would get married. The perfect dress, the gorgeous venue, the beautiful flowers, the dreamy groom, it was like something straight out of a fairytale. Our imagined wedding day was the one moment we could be and feel like total royalty. Little did we know that tying the knot meant a lot more than just rose petals and a night of dancing. Planning a wedding takes a lot of work and can sometimes last months if not over a year. Making the biggest decision of your life often comes down to last-minute decisions and the risk of becoming a true bridezilla to your friends and family.

With the temptation to leave bridal planning up to our mothers and bridesmaids, it can often leave people wishing the wedding could plan itself. It is important not to rely on your guests to plan the wedding, because they are there to attend it and enjoy themselves. In order to ease some of the wedding season stress, we’ve created a list of the different types of wedding planners to help you focus less on the details and more on having the time of your life.


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So what are the different types of planners?


If you’re the type of bride who is looking for professional guidance and an unbiased opinion from the engagement to the “I Do’s”, full-service or all-inclusive wedding planners are right for you.  These planners are best for couples who do not have lot of time to dedicate to wedding preparation and need someone to take most of the load themselves. From recommending venues and budget coordination to assisting with style, direction and flow on the big day, full-service wedding planners are your go-to for all things bridal.  Think of them as your ultimate orchestra conductor, the one who prepares and sets the stage from start to finish, even down to the smallest details to make sure that the performance runs smoothly and beautifully.


If you and your future spouse are the type that want to do most of the planning themselves but still want some extra help when it gets closer to the wedding day, consider hiring a month-of planner.  These planners are pros at putting the finishing touches on weddings, including final contract negotiations and vendor payments. They are also useful should any unforeseen things happen in the weeks leading up, or if you just want an extra set of eyes and hands during crunch time.


The weekend of the wedding has hit, and while you’ve already covered most of the details, you’d still like some help when it comes to coordinating the events prior to the wedding.  This could include dealing with a large number of guests or assisting with any non-wedding activities such as the rehearsal dinner or morning-after brunch, as well as helping people upon arrival at the sites.


Wedding Planning | Leah Bullard Photography at Castleton Farms | The Pink Bride®

Leah Bullard Photography of Castleton Events



Day-of planners are perfect for the couple that wants a stress-free wedding day.  Unlike full-time planners, day-of planners are hired only to work on the big day. These coordinators are essentially the backbone of your wedding as they make sure everything is kept together and organized in a timely manner.  A lot of their work will be focused behind the scenes, usually directing vendor arrival and managing set-up and break-down at the venue.


When planning your wedding, don’t forget to plan the details of the venue.  Venue coordinators are usually hired by the venue to deal with everything related to the location, including tables, chairs, linens and kitchen and wait staff.  Do not get this confused with a service wedding planner as they are not there to design your wedding or make sure everyone is seated before the vows. Venue coordinators work with caterers to provide a timeline on when food will be prepared and served to guests as well as any other necessary venue related issues and logistics should they arise.

Destination Wedding

Destination wedding planners are the best of both worlds as they work almost as a wedding coordinator and travel agent all in one.  These planners are a must-have for couples who plan on getting hitched abroad. You won’t be able to be in your city or country you plan on getting married in as much as you think you will prior to the big day, so it is helpful to have someone to represent you there to help find venues and meet with vendors.  As well as planning your wedding, they can also check in with you regarding weather, local events and activities happening around the time of your arrival.

Á la Carte

Just because you have a limited budget doesn’t mean you have to skip out on having a wedding planner.  Á la carte planners allow couples to pick and choose which services they prefer to use in preparation for their wedding.  With these coordinators, you can easily get specific services you need and not have ones that aren’t a necessity. Many planners make custom wedding packages available, giving you full access to any wedding planning help you need.


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