Forget the trends!

Spring is the season when pastels are the main trend, but these daring colors are sure to make an impact on your spring wedding and add that extra flare of excitement that guests are always looking for. Who knows, you may even start a new trend of bolder and darker shades during the warmer seasons.

Power Colors

Red and purple are both strong colors that evoke powerful emotions. Combined, these colors are a bright and bold dynamic duo that is nothing short of impressive. These colors will demand and keep the attention of your guests. You and your partner will look like the perfect power couple in these colors, and your guests will absolutely adore the both of you as they watch you two join hands and transition into your new life together.


Romantic and Royal

Red and purple are undoubtedly the most romantic colors out there. You will definitely set the tone for a festive day filled with love and have your family and friends sharing plenty of love and laughter when they are surrounded by these colors. Not only will your wedding be a powerful and romantic event. It will be a royal one on top of that. These bold colors are also symbolic of royalty, and they will elevate the status of your big day from lovely to luxurious.


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