Summer is in the air with Craig and Leigh’s sweet purple Chattanooga wedding! Every detail will have you swooning.


Purple Chattanooga wedding photographed by Amy Leigh Photography | The Pink Bride Purple Chattanooga wedding photographed by Amy Leigh Photography | The Pink Bride Purple Chattanooga wedding photographed by Amy Leigh Photography | The Pink Bride


Leigh Stavrum + Craig Demelo


Featured in the Summer 2012 Chattanooga Pink Bride Magazine


LOVE STORY:  Craig and I met at Christian Brothers University, where we both attended college; he on a soccer scholarship and I on a volleyball scholarship. What makes us work so well together is how well we balance each other out. Whenever I get out of line, he snaps me right back in. We also bond over our love for sports. We now play sports together for fun and not completion, which is a change. Craig took me to dinner at a nice restaurant, and when I returned home, my room had rose petals and candles everywhere, and on the mirror he wrote will you marry me?

WEDDING DETAILS:  As soon as craig and I got engaged in late October, we scrambled to start the wedding planning so we could get married in July. We were engaged for a little over 8 months. My mom was my own personal wedding planner. She helped us plan everything. She definitely missed her calling as a wedding planner. The most important thing to me was to have the wedding reflect who Craig and I were. One of the best ways to do this was with the flowers. Any one who knows me knows I love bright colors. My favorite color is lime green, so of course lime green had to be in my flowers, accompanied by bright colors. Another important thing to us was the music. We love to dance, so it was important that we had dance music to keep the party going.

My vision for my wedding was bright summer colors. My vision was accomplished. My flowers were pink, lime green, orange, and yellow. My bridesmaid dresses were purple.

THE BIG DAY:  Craig and I are both very laid-back people, so the whole day was just about having fun with our family and friends and sharing our love. One of the most memorable and funniest moments was when the bridal party entered the reception room to party rockin, with their own unique dances they made up minutes before.

WEDDING ADVICE:  The best advice I can give planning a wedding is don’t get too stressed; it will all come together in the end! I look forward to the little moments that lie ahead of us and fun we will have as we go through life together.



Bridal Shop: Boutique Couture

Music/Entertainment: Sound Force

Photographer:  Amy Leigh Photography

Caterer & Reception Location: Sheraton Read House

Florist:  Kelly Simpson

Cake: Kimmies Cakes

Bridal Party Attire: Cooleys

Ceremony Location: St. Peter and Paul

Transportation: Horse and Buggy

Officiant/Minister: Father Charlie