The Watsons:

St. Lucian Honeymoon

The Watson Honeymoon | The Pink Bride®

The Trip

Hagan and Zach in St.Lucia| The Pink Bride®

Hagan and Zach Watson were married on June 10, 2017 in Chattanooga, TN. These middle-school sweethearts (yes, I said MIDDLE school) spent the next week relaxing under the St. Lucian sun. Their honeymoon sounds like something out of a movie…with a breathtaking resort, adventurous activities, and unbeatable views.

The Resort

Ladera Resort| The Pink Bride®

The Watsons spent their dream-worthy honeymoon at the Ladera Resort in St. Lucia. They stayed for 6 days and 5 nights in one of Ladera’s spectacular “open wall” suites. Hagan described the setting as being unlike any other. The resort sits on a volcano ridgeline 1,000 ft above the Caribbean Sea with scenic views of the Pitons mountains.Their room included a heated private plunge pool and a deck with a swing & lounge chairs that overlook the mountains and the sea. 😍

What To Do

The Pitons in St. Lucia | The Pink Bride®

Hagan and Zach spent a day climbing the Gros Piton. At 2,579 ft, it is the second tallest peak in St. Lucia! “This was not a normal hike. It was straight up with rocks! It was hard but a lot of fun and so worth it at the top,” said Hagan. This sounds perfect for any adventurous couple!

Honeymoon Highlights

Zach in St. Lucia | The Pink Bride®

  • A Private Boat Cruise: “One of our favorite parts of the honeymoon was when we took a private boat around the island. We went snorkeling, saw sea turtles, and had fresh food prepared for us on the boat by our captains,” said Hagan.
  • Visiting Soufrière: Zach and Hagan visited a town called Soufrière. The town has a community wide fish fry every Friday night, and on Saturday mornings they have a local market. Hagan said that the locals were very friendly and showed them around the town!
  • Mangoes: “Mango trees were everywhere!” said Hagan. Hagan explained that Zach would eat the mangoes off the ground or pick them from the trees all day. 😂

Fun Fact

Hagan and Zach | The Pink Bride®

One night, Hagan and Zach dined at  Boucan, another resort in St. Lucia that is a cocoa plantation. Hagan said there was tons of chocolate on all of the entrees. Here’s the coolest part – an episode of The Bachelor: Season 18 (with Juan Pablo) was filmed there for a rose ceremony!!! 🌹

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