Grooms attend a Tennessee Pink Bridal Show®, now the Pink Bride Wedding Show | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.comYou asked her the big question and got the perfect answer. Now, she’s asked you a pretty big question, too: Will you attend the Pink Bride Wedding Show with me?

She may have batted those long eyelashes while asking, too, and I’m guessing your first reaction was to cry foul. No way, right? Wedding shows are hardly a man’s territory, right? And…how exactly does she do that with the eyelashes?!

Pink Bride Wedding Shows are anything but “just for the ladies,” guys.

As evidenced by the ever-growing number of men in attendance at the Pink Bride Wedding Shows – from grooms to fathers of the bride and even groomsmen – more than just the women attend. Sure, these events check off every item your bride wants to cover for the big day, but they also provide grooms with every detail they need to be involved in, too. From formalwear to food, the Pink Bride Wedding Show has you covered.

Read on for five epic reasons to say yes when your bride pops that big question!


  1. You’ll score major brownie points.

Did this one really need to be said? I think not. Not only will your bride-to-be be delighted to have you by her side, but she’ll also be impressed with how much you (seem to) care about all the details and excitement surrounding the wedding day. Keep in mind what Greg Provance once said: “If it’s important to her, then it’s important to me.” Those are wise words to remember now and throughout your marriage!


  1. You won’t be the only guy there by a long shot.

Many other grooms attend the Pink Bride Wedding Show in their area each season, and I’m not just saying that. Now, are there just as many men as there are women? Not usually. But The Pink Bride is certainly working on that! Consider this your official invitation to attend – without worrying you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.


Grooms attend a Tennessee Pink Bridal Show®, now the Pink Bride Wedding Show | The Pink Bride®


  1. Seven words: free food samples and a full bar.

Every Pink Bride Wedding Show comes fully equipped with an arsenal of satisfying snack and drink options. Whether you’re testing out a local caterer’s food for the perfect flair on wedding day or hitting the concessions area for a more substantial treat, you’re sure to leave a show satisfied. Need a little liquid inspiration to make the process even more enjoyable? Hit up the full bar. Hey, you may even fall in love with the signature cocktail offered – the Pinktini. (Don’t knock it ‘till you try it, guys!)


Grooms attend a Tennessee Pink Bridal Show®, now the Pink Bride Wedding Show | The Pink Bride®


  1. Get months of wedding planning out of the way in just a few hours.

You read that correctly. Rather than obsessing over details and choices for months, attend the Pink Bride Wedding Show ready to do business with your future spouse to reserve services right on the spot, with only a few planning sessions to handle afterwards. Wedding to-do list…what’s that? (You’re welcome.)



  1. Reserve limited-time offers and services, plus enter to win prizes just for the groom.

A number of wedding pros during the show will have special offers and giveaways just for the groom. The bride can’t enter to win them for you, so you need to be there! Whether it’s a free tuxedo rental, a stylish wedding band, dapper accessories or even a cash prize, you’ll be thankful you attended if only for the chance to get in on these special offers and opportunities.



What are you waiting for? Get your guest ticket today and plan to attend with that leading person in your life this season.

You’re even more than welcome to wear pink…although that’s totally not required. 😉


Buy a guest ticket to attend a Pink Bride Wedding Show as a groom! | The Pink Bride®