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Erica Aldredge & Brett Spiva


Featured in the Summer 2013 issue of Knoxville Pink Bride Magazine


May 18, 2012: Erica was at work on what seemed to be a normal Friday morning, but would soon turn into the most surprising Friday ever! Brett had plans to go flying with a friend near her office, which was fairly normal. He had asked her to have her camera ready, to try and take pictures of his fly-by from her office on the 22nd floor.

Little did she know, that was not the plan at all! Erica’s boss called her into his office for a “meeting,” but the real reason was so Brett could sneak into the office without giving away the surprise.

In the meantime, that meeting was droning on and on, when Erica spotted something unusual… a plane towing a banner which read “Erica, Will you marry me? Brett”! That meeting disassembled quickly as Erica ran to another window, trying to keep up with the plane as it circled her building. A few co-workers were in on it, and by this point, a crowd was gathering… Erica was told to go out on the balcony so she could see the plane better, and when she did, there was Brett down on one knee!

Brett and Erica’s wedding was very unique and suited both their personalities. They wanted the ceremony to be quick, but very personal, and had several special touches that were unique to them. Erica’s Dad built an arbor for the ceremony from Cedar trees from both Erica and Brett’s parents’ properties; he also baked a few hundred homemade cookies for the reception. Brett’s parents and uncle sang a song special to the couple during the ceremony, and his Grandfather lent them his 1940 Ford for their entrance and getaway.

The fact that Brett is a pilot, and they both love to travel played a theme throughout the whole event. The ceremony was at a private airport, out at a point on a grass strip on the water. The programs were folded into paper airplanes, and at the reception, each table had a map on it of a place they had traveled together, with a note detailing the date and the reason for the trip. Each table also had a paper airplane bouquet for a centerpiece.

Several things didn’t go as planned that day, from the non-stop rain to the typical stress that is expected when trying to coordinate that many people on a schedule. But it not only quit raining just in time for the ceremony – it was even sunny! At the end of the night, they both felt that it was a perfect day and that everything that had gone wrong was insignificant in the scheme of things. They were just happy to be celebrating with friends and family.

For their honeymoon, they went to a tiny almost unknown resort called Red Frog Beach in Bocas del Toro, Panama. It was the perfect combination of luxury and wilderness adventure. Brett planned every bit of it, and they had the time of their lives. They toured a private island, went snorkeling and scuba diving where they saw dolphins, starfish, jelly fish and sea horses, went on a wonderful horseback riding tour of another island, conquered the highest zip-line in Panama, took beach-side yoga and even had a couples massage on the back porch of their villa overlooking the ocean.


Photographer: Taylor and Ayers Photography

Aerial Photography: Paul Varner

Gown Shop: White Lace & Promises

Ceremony Location: Private Airport

Reception Location: Remedy Coffee

Music/Entertainment: Music in Motion Mobile DJ

Rentals and Decor: Rothchild’s

Makeup & Hair: Salon Biyoshi and Frank’s Barber Shop