Here are some rehearsal dinner tips from Pink Pros, Erin Bell, & Nikki LeMasurier, of the Volunteer Princess, to help you throw a flawless rehearsal dinner that’s uniquely YOU!

Downtown Knoxville photo by Terri Clark Photography | The Pink Bride®


Do make your rehearsal dinner a celebration of your marriage and all the people who are a part of your big day! The rehearsal diner is the calm before the storm of the wedding day, so take this time to be present with those who are most important to you.

Cheers on Volunteer Princess by Julie Roberts Photography | The Pink Bride®


Don’t feel obligated to invite more people that you and your fiancé agree upon to the rehearsal dinner. Traditional etiquette says to invite all out of town guests, but this is a different day and time. Travel is not as strenuous for your guests.

Centerpiece on Volunteer Princess by Terri Clark Photography | The Pink Bride®


Do customize the event with details that you both love. We have seen fishing, Star Wars, and full-on nautical themed rehearsal dinners. Be yourselves, be authentic and have fun with it!

Volunteer Princess Julie Roberts Photography | The Pink Bride®


Don’t wear out your budget and your time on intricate decor. Venues like the Volunteer Princess Yacht come already decorated! In all actuality, a set table is beautiful as-is. Add some centerpieces and you are good to go! The last thing you want to worry about as you head out for you last unmarried night is boxing up a bunch of trinkets and decor.

Volunteer Princess Table by Woven & Spun Photography | The Pink Bride®


Do set a timeline for the evening. When do you want to start eating? Are you doing toasts? Do you have a slideshow? Will you give gifts out to your wedding party? Making a timeline ensures that everything gets done! Also, your venue will love having a timeline and probably have their own too!

Guest Table photo courtesy Volunteer Princess | The Pink Bride®


Don’t listen to one word of our, or anyone else’s advice if it doesn’t match you! It’s YOUR wedding weekend and you can do whatever you want! And it will be perfect.



Photo courtesy: Julie Roberts Photography, Terri Clark Photography, Woven & Spun Photography