Today we are celebrating Annie & Tyler’s romantic proposal in downtown Knoxville last night! One of our favorite Knoxville wedding photographers captured all the special moments. What makes this even sweeter? Annie is her little sister! See more of this sweet love story below!

About the bride-to-be!

Annie McMurry finished her Master’s in accounting in 2020 and currently works at Pugh CPA’s. She’s a unique balance of driven, fun, and beautiful inside and out. 

About her guy!

Tyler Cate is a teacher at Gresham Middle School. His kind heart shines through in the classroom and on the court, where he coaches the basketball team.

How did they meet?

Annie and Tyler met through their shared passion for basketball while working in a local youth league. While helping with basketball tryouts, Annie saw Tyler from across the gym and later told her dad she thought he was cute. Her dad, who met his own wife through basketball as a teenager, knew Annie and Tyler had to meet. Being the matchmaker and romantic that he is, her father orchestrated them working together and their chemistry was a slam dunk. The rest is history!

About the proposal! 

Both Annie and Tyler were born and raised in Knoxville and plan to plant their roots in our scruffy little city. After four and a half years of dating, Tyler knew he wanted the proposal to be somewhere that represented home to both of them. What could be more classic Knoxville than the Tennessee Theatre with its beautiful, brilliant sign? With a little help from family and friends, he lured Annie downtown under the premise of a dinner out to celebrate a friend’s engagement.

Much to her surprise, she rounded the corner to find Tyler standing beneath the lighted sign with the marquee flashing, “Annie McMurry, will you marry me?” She said yes, of course!

Congratulations Annie & Tyler!

Photos taken by Kelsey Shea Photography