There are endless amounts of wedding themes, and sometimes it feels like an impossible task to pick one that is unique and not overdone. One thing we’re seeing more of is a sort of “mixing” of two or more common themes. We are totally in love with this wedding, which took place at Esplanade Memphis and that successfully mixed the themes of rustic and vintage. The final product is a wedding look that is romantic, beautiful, and refreshing, and we are certain that you will fall in love with the idea of combining rustic and vintage styles for your wedding, too!

Bride wearing flower crown resting cheek on grooms shoulder photographed by Crystal Brisco Photography | The Pink Bride®

The Venue Choice

Esplanade memphis wedding venue with water fountain by Crystal Brisco Photography | The Pink Bride®

Esplanade Memphis was the perfect venue for this rustic vintage wedding! Its unique architecture is the ideal backdrop for such a unique theme, and it manages to look great with both the vintage aspects and the rustic aspects of the wedding.

Bridal Style

Rustic vintage bridal style with flower crown and rustic bouquet by Crystal Brisco Photography | The Pink Bride®

This brides style is absolute goals. We could not be more in love with the rustic, boho flower crown and natural looking bouquet combined with the gorgeous vintage-esque wedding gown just glimmering with intricate details. Every aspect of this look is perfect, and it alone should be enough to convince you that a rustic vintage wedding is right for you!

Unique Photographs

Bride and groom posing with vintage Coca Cola bicycle by Crystal Brisco Photography | The Pink Bride®

This vintage Coke bike is the epitome of rustic and vintage merging into one. It has that small town feel coupled with a classic look, and we are swooning! Isn’t this such a cool way to make your wedding photographs really stand out?? Unique pictures+furthering your theme=total win!

A Cultivated Vibe

Bride and groom at Esplanade Memphis sitting on fountain and kissing forehead by Crystal Brisco Photography | The Pink Bride®

The vibe of your wedding is an intangible sort of feeling that is created by a combination of things; decor, food, lighting, and music are all some of the things that contribute to your vibe. Consider what you want the feeling of your wedding to be, and then create it! It’s the best way to take your wedding to the next level and make your guests feel like they are at a completely unique event. You too can have an incredible rustic vintage wedding like this one at Esplanade, it just takes a little bit of thought and planning!


Venue: Esplanade Memphis

Photographer: Crystal Brisco Photography