Just 9 months to go until the big day.


Hello, fellow brides! Hope you are embracing the New Year with joy and happiness! The last time I wrote, my fiancé and I had just picked out our cake. I have gotten a lot done in the past couple months and now have the wedding vendors completely booked, despite two last booking deposits. What a wonderful feeling it was to have all vendors booked and be doing well as far as budget goes. In this blog, I am going to detail some important tips I learned while selecting my dress, DJ, and florist.

First, let’s discuss selection of the dress. I went everywhere, and I mean everywhere trying on gowns and still could not find something that was absolutely perfect or that I could see myself going down the aisle in. Although many bridal boutiques around the Tri-Cities were very helpful, one of my favorites was Annie’s Room. The owner and staff are absolutely wonderful; they are so very helpful with everything. They do not try and persuade you to buy or like a dress; they just assist you and leave the decision up to you entirely. One drawback is they do not have a large selection like David’s Bridal; however, from the selection they do have, all of their gowns are gorgeous and priced reasonably. I actually think I tried on more dresses at Annie’s Room than I did at David’s Bridal. Friendly staff and reasonably priced, unique gowns make all the difference. When picking out your gown, always remember that it is not what everyone else wants you to pick, it is about what you feel beautiful in and what you absolutely love. I took a lot of different folks with me to try on gowns, and they all had different opinions and viewpoints as to what looked better, but in the end the most important thing is your opinion. It is your day, and your dress. Many girls have an idea of what kind of dress they will like or look better in, but just as a general rule, be sure you try every single style of dress on, even if you think you will hate it, still try it on- this is the only time you get to try on all these dresses and you never know what you might find that you like.

wedding dress


My dress was purchased at Tricia’s by Design in VA. If I could recommend anyone this would be the shop. The owner is absolutely amazing and can alter dresses and even makes custom wedding gowns. When arriving at her shop, you will notice it is in the middle of nowhere in a house that looks so small from the outside, but once inside she has wall to wall rooms of gowns in many styles as well as jewelry and accessories to try with the gowns. She is so amazingly helpful when you are looking for that perfect gown, and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. So, if you have the chance to visit Tricia’s by Design, do so! To the side is a picture of the gown I purchased. When I was handed this gown to try on, I was getting sad as I still could not find a dress that was just perfect for me. When looking at this gown on the hanger, I was sure I was not going to like it at all. When I put the gown on and saw myself, that was it. The search was over. Every gown I put on after that one was not even close to good enough, because that one gown was it.


The next step was selecting a DJ. Now my family, friends and I love to dance.  I sent emails to a few DJ’s in this area, but in the end went back to DJ Night Moves Mobile DJ’s. I met with Tony, the owner of DJ Night Moves, and he was great. Talking with them was wonderful; they had creative ideas to do at the wedding and were very helpful. They detailed everything they did and their deposit and price were great. After my meeting with them, I knew they were going to be who I booked. When choosing a DJ, my advice would be to make sure you meet with whomever you choose. You want to make sure that they fit with your personality and get you excited about your event. If the DJ gets you excited about your own event, they are more than likely the ones to book. There are other DJ’s in the Tri-Cities, and StacieRandy DJ sounded great as well. I spoke with them, and they were so nice. Selecting a DJ is tough, so just make sure you set somewhat of a budget and stick to it.

Last but not least was picking out my floral order. Picking a florist was the toughest part for me. When you go to the florist, try and have an idea of what you are wanting in your head. Bring pictures or make a board with floral arrangements you like. Floral is one of the last decisions you will make, and even then, it takes time to solidify what you are going to need exactly. Try and pick flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding. Make sure the florist you pick is on the same page as you and is there to make your wedding day come to life, not to place you in debt for purchasing flowers. There are some caterers that do the florals as well; these are nice as they are one-stop shops. There are also some coordinators that do flowers, which is nice. You need to simply decide what your budget is in this area as well, and inform your florist to stick to it. In the end, I decided to go with Rainbows End Floral, partly because I met with the owner and we just clicked. I felt as though she wanted to save me money, and they are literally up the street from BANQ. Rainbows End is wonderful and will work with you to keep the cost down. They offer alternatives if needed. Another florist worth mention is Misty Bays. I met with her as well, and she also does coordinating I believe. I really liked her; she was very helpful and had a lot of great ideas.

One last thing I would like to mention is about wedding day coordinators. I was not sure about hiring a coordinator in the beginning, and my family was not sure either. I was continuously asked why I needed a coordinator, as none of my cousins needed one. Well, I must say I love my coordinator. I chose Allison, from Enchanting Special Events. She has helped me with everything and assists with each and every question I have. She has great ideas for decorating, vendor referrals and so on. If I could give any more advice, I would say that if you have the money, and are able, purchase a coordinator. It takes so much stress out of the entire process.

Currently, we are just paying on our balances with vendors and taking some time off of wedding planning.  In the entire process of planning, be sure to take a month or so off to just be engaged with your fiancé. The wedding day will come, and things will work out. Sometimes wedding planning can get stressful to both the bride and groom, and you do not want to let little things cause disagreements in your relationship. Sometimes it is good to just take time off and enjoy being with each other.

This blog is done for now. I will rejoin you all in a month or so and let you know how things are coming along then. Good luck to all of you fellow brides!!! Pink Bride Sarah out. 🙂