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As the largest professionally affiliated wedding shows in Tennessee, The Pink Bride Wedding Shows combine the most preferred wedding professionals in the area with the most exciting offers available to give you the hottest wedding-planning experience in the state. The Pink Bride Wedding Shows tend to attract thousands of attendees and give you hundreds of options to address, all within a four or five-hour time frame. With all the inspiration, deals, and exclusive opportunities you’ll face, here’s a little guide to help you make the most of your time during The Pink Bride Wedding Show.


What is The Pink Bride Wedding Show?

How to prepare for success before you attend The Pink Bride Wedding Show

How will you receive your ticket to The Pink Bride Wedding Show?

What should you wear to The Pink Bride Wedding Show?

What should you bring to The Pink Bride Wedding Show?

Who should you bring to The Pink Bride Wedding Show?

What should you ask the wedding pros to make the most of your time?

What you need to be ready to book

Acceptable forms of payment

Food and drink options during The Pink Bride Wedding Show

Extra Must-Know Tips

Post-Show Success

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What is a Pink Bride Wedding Show?

The Pink Bride Wedding Show is a bit like a “wedding mall,” where everything you need for your big day can be selected and booked during the show. From photography to tuxedo options and everything in between, you’ll find what you need during a Pink Bride Wedding Show!

Every wedding professional gets a “corner” booth space to fill with samples of their work and chat with you, all without being in a crowded row of professionals. With a Pink Bride Wedding Show, you won’t be funneled into a line of engaged couples waiting to meet each professional. Rather, you get to walk around leisurely and visit the wedding pros of your choosing, within your own timeframe during the show.

By attending a Pink Bride Wedding Show, you can be sure that you’re booking professionals who are in-demand within the local wedding scene. You can plan your dream wedding in one day and save big by getting in on exclusive show-only specials by attending a Pink Bride Wedding Show!

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Prepare for success before you attend a Pink Bride Wedding Show.

Get yourself into wedding-planning mode with a little prep work ahead of time!

  • Create a wedding-only email address to register with. This keeps you from wading through tons of wedding-related emails long after the big day!
  • Download BrideScan on your mobile device before the show to connect seamlessly with wedding pros throughout the event.
  • Consider downloading Parking Panda on your mobile device to assist with parking for Pink Bride Wedding Shows in urban areas.
  • Know your wedding date and approximate budget so you can book vendors during the show. (Remember – these pros get booked up quickly!)
  • Arrive with a list of wedding pros you still need for your day. Note who specifically you want to meet during the show! There will be floor maps strategically placed around the show floor that shows you exactly where each pro is within the show, so your time is spent exactly where you need it to be.
  • Check out who will be there ahead of time! Visit the local Pink Bride Wedding Show page for a list of advertisers you’ll meet during the show.
  • Watch for the list of exclusive show-only specials posted the Wednesday before each show on our blog! You could save thousands of dollars by taking advantage of these limited-time offers, only available to show attendees.

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How will you receive your ticket to the Pink Bride Wedding Show?


Your ticket to the show is your emailed receipt. You will see the following text in the upper half of this email: This receipt is your ticket into the Pink Bridal Show. Before you can enter the show, you MUST check in with this receipt at the registration tables.
Please print this email or have it ready on your mobile device and stop by the registration tables the day of the show to check-in for the event.

Didn’t receive your emailed receipt or have other questions about your ticket? Send a message to

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What should you wear to a Pink Bride Wedding Show?

Dress is generally casual for Pink Bride Wedding Shows, with most attendees wearing t-shirts and jeans. Wear comfortable shoes! You’ll easily spend 2-3 hours at our events, and while ample seating is always available around the fashion show stage for a short rest, you’ll likely spend most of that time up walking around. Get your bridal party together and come in our signature Pink Shirt Collection for fun photo ops during the show!

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What should you bring to a Pink Bride Wedding Show?

  • Your ticket, either shown via mobile device or in printed form
  • Color swatches, photos of your venue, and other planning essentials that would help you plan during the event
  • Forms of payment to reserve services for your big day
  • Your mobile device…with BrideScan downloaded and ready for action!

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Assemble your Pink Bride Wedding Show team!

Wondering who should come with you to the show? Here are a few suggestions to consider.

  • Anyone who is part of making final decisions and / or providing money towards your budget (so they can help you narrow down your choices and book services during the show!)
  • Your future spouse
  • Your wedding party…of course! Pink Bride Wedding Shows are a blast to attend. Bring your wedding entourage in style!
  • There is no admission charge for  children 6 and under.

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Know what to ask wedding pros to make the most valuable use of your time.

  • Always ask wedding pros if they are available for your wedding date before you ask anything else. This helps you both immediately tell whether or not you’re a good fit!
  • How can they help bring your specific vision to life – whether that’s rustic-chic or Hollywood glamour?
  • Can they provide their services at your venue location?
  • What is their show special, and when does the offer expire?

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Come to the Pink Bride Wedding Show ready to book services for your big day!

Don’t be afraid to book wedding pros during the event, as you’ll be able to meet and compare the top professionals in each category while there. If you choose not to book on the spot, definitely get a consultation scheduled to follow-up after the show! Remember – these wedding pros get booked quickly, as they are often the leading service providers in your area.

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Acceptable forms of payment

The Pink Bride Wedding Show takes cash or credit for the entry fee. We also accept cash or credit in The Pink Room during the show. The concessions or bar area may prefer cash but generally can accept cards as well. Some vendors may prefer cash, credit, or a personal check as deposits towards services. We recommend bringing a variety of payment forms with you to the show so you’re prepared! Please note that all ticket sales are non-refundable.

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Stay fueled up with food and drink throughout the Pink Bride Wedding Show.

Each Pink Bride Wedding Show has a concession area with a full bar and menu of foods you can purchase! You’ll also find many complimentary opportunities to nosh on local fare and sample goodies from caterers and bakeries offering services for your big day throughout the show.

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Extra tips to make your Pink Bride Wedding Show experience amazing:

  • Show us what you love during the Pink Bride Wedding Show! Use #PinkBridalShow on Instagram for a chance to see your image shared on the big screens during the show.
  • If you plan to attend the fashion shows, seats start filling 20-30 minutes before each show, so plan accordingly.
  • If you already have your wedding dress and wedding party attire secured for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, or mothers of the bride and groom, consider skipping the fashion show portions of the day. This is when most wedding pros are amply available to talk one-on-one while the masses are gathered around the show-room stage!
  • Attend the latter half of the second fashion show to participate in the big giveaways at the end of the Pink Bride Wedding Show. From honeymoons to cash prizes, you never know what we’ll give away!
  • How a wedding pro treats you during the show is a good predictor of how he or she will treat you at your wedding, so take that into consideration before booking.
  • Be ready to take pictures of ideas and décor you fall in love with during the show! You’ll find loads of inspiration during a Pink Bride Wedding Show.
  • Drop by The Pink Room during the show for fabulous wedding party gift ideas for your leading ladies and gents. From wedding party sunglasses to cute shirts, we have what you need!
  • Ask your recently-married friends for more advice!
    • What do they regret during wedding planning?
    • Who did they wish they had booked?
    • What was the best decision they made?

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Complete your Pink Bride Wedding Show experience with these tips after the show!

  • Follow up with your favorite pros after the show if you didn’t book them during the event.
  • Refer to your BrideScan account to review your favorite shows and notes during the event.
  • Use the Pink Bride Magazine for even more wedding planning tips, advice, leads to additional wedding pros, and inspiration!

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Have additional questions regarding a Pink Bride Wedding Show?

We’re here to help.

Call (865)531-3941 or email for more details today.

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We can’t wait to see you at the next Pink Bride Wedding Show!