The dreaded wedding budget! One of the top complaints we hear from engaged couples is dealing with their budget, and we totally get it. If you’re having a little anxiety about putting a numerical label on your dream day, no worries! Our top 7 tips for navigating the financial seas of wedding planning are below!


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Make It Simple

Budgets don’t have to be hard, but they can definitely be intimidating at first. Break it down until it feels manageable, and then take it piece-by-piece.


Be Accountable

Have a physical or e-version of a budget sheet and actively mark your expenses and prices. It will help you keep a good number in your head of where you stand while planning, and make sure to not overspend and blow your budget!


Start With Your Must-Haves

Find real prices in your area and include them at the top of your budget, so you’ll know the important things are accounted for right out of the bat.


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Be realistic

We all love Pinterest weddings, but some of those ideas are worth thousands of dollars! Be realistic in your price ideas to avoid heartbreak later on.


Any help?

Know who all is contributing and how much they are planning to add early on if it is going to play a major factor in your budget or booking your vendors.


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Save Where You Can

If you’re getting to a point where your budget is running a little low, consider cutting out unnecessary expenses or DIY them if you can!  

Don’t Forget the Sneaky Expenses

Sometimes certain costs are hidden until you get the final bill, and then you see that you’ve gone way over budget. Keep these in mind when calculating your initial budget plan and in your meetings with potential vendors: tips, gifts, service charges, overbooking charges, and seasonal fees.


What your big budget concerns? Let us know in the comments below!