Tennessee Spring weddings can be some of the most beautifully decorated weddings of the year. Playing off the gorgeous weather, elegant flowers in bloom and fantastic color palettes, they can be a joy to decorate. But keeping up with all the new and changing trends can be a difficult task. To make sure Tennessee brides can stay on the cutting edge of this Spring’s new trends, I spoke with Angela Mahaffey Watson, Project Manager at Memphis wedding rental company Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals, to find out the top trends in Tennessee wedding decor this season.

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1. Rustic Meets Elegant

This season’s overall wedding decor  trend isn’t too far off from last year’s spring trends. The continually growing popularity of rustic weddings is a seemingly constant trend for Spring time in Tennessee. But, according to Angela, this year, brides are taking last year’s rustic elements and marrying them with a touch of elegance for an opulent, yet rustic affair.

“I think for us one of the things we have continually seen trending tremendously with the new Pinterest bride– I don’t know what we did before Pinterest, quite frankly–is the resurgence of the farm tables and rustic look. However, what we saw last year was that the brides were very DIY and drawing on Pinterest. Whereas this year, brides are getting a little more savvy, and they’re taking it to the next level. While they still want that rustic element, brides are wanting a lot of elegance tied in with that. We’ve been really pleasantly surprised to see that instead of things being all DIY with mason jars and all of that, brides are evolving towards a simple elegance. So, we’ve seen them use the farm tables, but they’re using the crackled glass and upscale elements with the farm table and chairs and whiskey barrels. Instead of using a blank plank of wood across the whiskey barrel to make a bar, now they’re using an elegant piece of glass. Or, for the table scape, instead of using all wild flowers, not brides are going back to lush pieces of greenery and beautiful candelabras with many whites and creams for their flowers. They’re keeping that palette very clean. As far as runners and ties go, they’re bringing back elements of vintage, not necessarily shabby chic, but that opulence that has married the two worlds.”

{Spring 2013's Top Tennessee Wedding Decor Trends} || The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com || Image courtesy of Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals. || #memphis #tennessee #weddingdecor #springweddingtrends

2. Not your everyday stemware

One of the smaller details that can make a large and beautiful impact is the stemware you choose for your table scape. While there will always remain the standard goblets and glasses, Angela says that brides are really creating a more elegant look by playing up their stemware. This Spring, instead of sticking to the traditional, brides are stepping outside the box with fine crystals.

“As far as stemware, we’ve noticed that instead of the all-purpose, universal eight-ounce wine glass or the standard water goblet, more and more young ladies are opting for a finer piece of stemware. When you have that beautiful table, which is very rustic, and you have that setting on your table scape, you want that fine piece of crystal. So, we’ve noticed request after request for a more brilliant stemware, which we have added to our inventory. Another thing that people think ‘oh, that’s done’ is the resurgence of the stemless wine glasses and martini glasses. Especially for the martini glasses, they’re great for two reasons. One, who doesn’t like a great martini in a fun glass, but also, the caterers are so creative right now that we are new applications for the glassware that we bring in.”

{Spring 2013's Top Tennessee Wedding Decor Trends} || The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com || Image courtesy of Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals. || #memphis #tennessee #weddingdecor #springweddingtrends

3. Simply tableware, personal and intimate flatware

While this season is trending toward fine crystal stemware, brides are keeping their tableware more simple. The traditional, clean look of a simple plate will help complement the beautiful stemware and allow for a more ornate, timeless flatware. Not only does this make for a gorgeously elegant table scape, but, as Angela explains, it also transforms the evening into an intimate experience for the bride’s guests.

“As far as the actual tableware, again, we’re seeing a throw back to clean white, like a beautiful white oxford. There is something very traditional and elegant about the white, and they are wanting the stemware to stand out. Even with the flatware, they are not using a plain old piece of flatware. Brides are wanting a fork that has weight to it and very much mimics the pattern that their grandmother has that was given to them back in the day in a beautiful box and has some tradition to it. Instead of going to the rental company and getting everything, people want their personality to come out in their table setting. That way, when their aunt or whoever leaves to go back to the northwest or wherever they came from, they really feel like they had not just an evening with the bride, but they also had an experience. Brides want their guest to walk away with an experience and a feeling in their heart, not just that they went to a reception and had great food. They want to walk away with an intimate experience, and the overall tone of the event and the little details are important to that experience.”

{Spring 2013's Top Tennessee Wedding Decor Trends} || The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com || Image courtesy of Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals. || #memphis #tennessee #weddingdecor #springweddingtrends

4. Clear-top tents: dining under the stars.

The phrase “April showers bring May flowers” became popular for a reason! Tennessee Spring’s are notorious for beautiful showers. While they can create a fabulously intimate setting, they can cause a lot of stress for a Spring bride with an outdoor wedding. One of this year’s most popular trends, the clear-top tent, will not only ease the bride’s worries of a pop-up rain storm, but Angela says it will also create an unbelievably fantastic ambiance for your outdoor Tennessee wedding.

“Along with that type of setting, it’s always a treat to meet with brides because a clear-top tent seems to always be the request for spring. The biggest thing to know about a clear-top tent is that it is totally conducive to the setting, especially if it is very lush as it gets further into Spring. However, late May, June, July and August are not necessarily the time for a clear-top tent. It serves almost like a greenhouse, so to speak, like an ant in a magnifying glass. So, if it’s summer, you have to do a tremendous amount of air conditioning. But, the clear-top tent is absolutely exquisite for Spring and Fall. The great thing about this tent is it is like dining underneath the stars. A lot of the brides are now doing the clear-top tent with clear sides and a clear back just in case it gets a little chilly in the evening. We’ve seen a lot of the use of wrought iron chandeliers with it as well. This brings back that rustic element, but the floral designers are really decorating around that to create elegance. We’ve also seen an opulent amount of the Italian bulbs. That way, when you look up, not only do you see the sky, but you also see all the beautiful ambient light from the Italian bulbs that really make you feel like you are, going back to the experience, transcended into another place. For us, the clear-top tent is always a treat. It’s a little harder to maintain, but in the long run, you can’t beat it. It alone is a statement piece. It really brings the outside in.”

{Spring 2013's Top Tennessee Wedding Decor Trends} || The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com || Image courtesy of Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals. || #memphis #tennessee #weddingdecor #springweddingtrends

5. A time to lounge around

Aside from formal table and chair settings, this Spring, brides are  opting for additional lounge seating, again creating that experience for their guests. But, according to Angela, not only are they playing with eclectic additional seating, but brides are also changing up their formal seating with different combinations to, again, help marry the two worlds of rustic and elegant.

“We’ve also seen a lot more of a resurgence in lounge seating as opposed to just tables and chairs. People are being creative with how they use patio areas. More traditional is bringing in a 48″ round table and seven chairs. Now, I think we’re seeing more of an eclectic mix. Also, now, brides are not just choosing one chiavari color but several. We’ve seen a lot more of a throw back to our gold and white chiavaris. People kind of moved away from those, but now we are definitely seeing a lot of requests for that. We have seen some requests for the ghost chairs, so to speak. That is more rare because it is a higher priced item. But they are absolutely lovely paired with a farm table just to go back to that opulent look. Say you didn’t want to have the complete farm table look, you can take the farm chairs out and put a ghost chair in there and totally make an oasis. We’ve seen this as brides are aiming for a more dressy, upscale look instead of all DIY or all farm.”

{Spring 2013's Top Tennessee Wedding Decor Trends} || The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com || Image courtesy of Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals. || #memphis #tennessee #weddingdecor #springweddingtrends

Angela and Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals would love to help you plan your fabulous Tennessee wedding decor. For more information, visit their website or connect with them on Facebook. You can visit their showroom at 4161 Delp Street, Memphis, TN. Tell Angela The Pink Bride sent you!


All images courtesy of Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals.