It’s your lucky day!

It is not every day that you come across a four-leaf clover, just as it’s not every day that you cross paths with the love of your life, let alone get married to them! A real love and a happy marriage are just like a four-leaf clover, good to have and hard to find. Having your wedding on St. Patrick’s Day will not only make it your big day, but it will also be your lucky day! A wedding on a holiday as joyous as St. Patrick’s Day is sure to be nothing short of memorable and full of excitement. There’s no better way to start off your journey with your new life partner.


Green and gold glamour

St. Patrick’s Day is always fun to celebrate, and using it as inspiration for your wedding will only make it more enjoyable. However, it can be easy to turn your elegant event into a cheesy one if you decide to incorporate too much of the St. Patrick’s holiday into your wedding decor. Remember that there is a difference between an event that is holiday-themed and one that is holiday-inspired. As fun as the traditionally bright and loud Irish Green color is, it is not the most flattering color and does not suit an exquisite event like a wedding too well. Go for more subtle shades of green and add as many gold details as you’d like to keep the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day on your special day while keeping the element of sophistication that is expected of any wedding.


St. Patrick's Day Wedding Color Palette Inspiration Board With Gold Jolly Green and Forest Green Details | The Pink Bride®

Image Credits:

Cake – Photographed by Meltilly Photography at The Bramble | Bride and Groom – Photographed by Peerless Weddings at Riverwood Mansion | Invitations – Designed by Mariée Ami and Photographed by Dixie Pixel | Table Setting – Photographed by Kaitlyn Flint Photo | Gold Candle Decor – At Dawson’s Honeysuckle Farm | Table Center Decor – Photographed by Alyssa Joy Photography at Cool Springs House | Wedding Dress – Photographed by Massey-Wening Photography at Cedar Hall | Heels – Photographed by Shane Tretheway Photo & Video | Bouquet – At The Estate of Grace Farm, Designed By Lisa Foster Floral Design, Photographed By Derek Halkett Photography