Surprise wedding engagement sessions always steal my breath – and for good reason! This Memphis wedding engagement session is a perfect example of why.

From shimmering candlelight for the “big ask” to fun engagement photos, I’m hooked. Just wait until you read how the groom-to-be asked his future bride to marry him! I also love how this dynamic duo even works at the same place. So fun! Read on for the scoop about this West Tennessee wedding engagement session.

Guys – you can get inspired by this engagement story by opting to surprise your lady for your own engagement!

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Memphis wedding engagement with surprise details and casual photos provided by the bride | The Pink Bride®


About the bride-to-be…

Brittany French is 25 years old and a Sales Representative at Memphis Communications Corporation. She graduated from Ole Miss in 2013 and is the daughter of Howard and Deborah French of Memphis, TN.

About the groom-to-be…

Erik Joyner is also 25 years old and a Sales Representative at Memphis Communications Corporation also! He graduated from Murray State in 2013 and is the son of Brian and Melanie Buchholz of Memphis, TN.

How they met…

Our relationship began in 2014. We both worked together (same company, different locations) at another job and hung out together with a group of co-workers one Friday night. We ended up hitting it off and hung out all night! He is the sweetest, most selfless man I had ever met. We both knew early on that this was the real deal. I ended up getting a job at Memphis Communications Corporation and shortly after, I recruited him along as well!


Memphis wedding engagement with surprise details and casual photos provided by the bride | The Pink Bride®


The proposal:

He is actually from Jackson, TN. So one Friday after work, he asked if I wanted to go on a road trip. We went to Jackson, and he took me to his dad’s shop he used to work at, the soccer fields he used to play on, a farm he spent summers working, etc. He kept explaining all of these memories he had at the different places. To be honest, it did get a little confusing at first why this road trip included a random trip to Jackson, TN. We pulled into his parent’s cove and I saw a car parked out front of their house I hadn’t seen there before. Before I could even say anything, he questioned who the car was which led me into a panic thinking that we were dropping by unannounced and interrupting their weekend plans! We pulled into the driveway, and when I saw lights in the trees in their backyard, I started to catch on. We went through the fence to the backyard, and I saw a ton of tealight candles (They told me it was over 150 lit tealight candles!) and lights hanging from the trees, and a bench set up by their pool with candles and flowers all around it. It was picturesque! He sat me on the bench and got on one knee. He said, “I’ve showed you all of my memories growing up and in the past, but this is the best memory I will ever have. Brittany Nicole French, will you marry me?” OF COURSE I SAID YES! Then, a person jumped out from behind their pool house and was taking pictures (the random car outside their house was a photographer!). His parents and family came out and celebrated with us. It was absolutely wonderful. 

The wedding:

The couple is getting married on July 9th, 2016, at Maple Grove Farm in Collierville, TN, at 6:30pm. 






Many congratulations, Brittany and Erik! The Pink Bride couldn’t be happier for you.

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