Engagement season is almost here, and personally, we all here at The Pink Bride can’t wait! We love getting to celebrate alongside all of our couples from your say yes moment all the way through happily ever afters! One story you’re sure to fall in love with too is Madison and Noah’s. Noah pulled out all the stops for his intentional, loving proposal to his soon-to-be bride, and it is absolutely awe-inspiring! Scroll down to learn more about this couple and how he did it!


Sweet Easter Engagement | photos by Noah Herrin | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com


About the bride-to-be:

Madison Box hails from Mobile, Alabama but lives in Cleveland, Tennessee. She is currently wrapping up her junior year at Lee University in elementary education, and works at a boutique called Orange Blossom Boutique in town while finishing up her degree. She’s also in a service club through the university that helps various organizations in the community.


Sweet Easter Engagement | photos by Noah Herrin | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com


About the groom-to-be:

Noah Robinson was born and raised in Cleveland, Tennessee and also attends Lee University where he played soccer for three years. He has several small businesses in town and is finishing up his degree in pre-med. After they graduate, he plans on attending medical school for pediatric neurology. He also volunteers at the hospital in the pediatric unit during his free time.


Sweet Easter Engagement | photos by Noah Herrin | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com


How did you meet?

Madison: “Noah’s dad was my academic advisor when I got to Lee and also my professor, so I heard him talk about his family frequently during class. My sophomore year of college my mom and I went to church one Sunday morning and his family was visiting, and Noah and I began talking back and forth. He invited me to get breakfast and we fought over college football teams the entire time! I wasn’t sure if there would be a second date but he called me that night to tell me he has never had someone challenge him on football before and wanted to hang out again. We have been inseparable ever since.”


Sweet Easter Engagement | photos by Noah Herrin | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com


How did he ask?

“The week leading up to the proposal was fairly normal, except I took notice that Noah was very stressed out. I assumed he was nervous due to the feelings that surround registering for the MKAT. I tried my best to comfort him in his stress, but had no idea his nerves were a result of knowing he was about to get on one knee. Noah and I received a text from his dad later during the week, saying he had a Ruth’s Chris gift card that he wanted us to have. This probably should have been the first indicator that something was up, because who in their right mind gives one of those up! Still, we took it (gladly) and Noah planned to pick me up at 5 pm on Friday for a nice date. When Friday arrived, I waited for Noah in my new dress. I waited..and waited. At 5:15 I became frustrated because he is never late to pick me up for a date. By 6 pm I was fuming and trying to call him but there was no answer. 

After a few tries of calling Noah, I began to worry. Had something happened? Had he forgotten? All of these questions did not mix well with the frustration I felt. Just as I was preparing the ear full I was going to give him when he arrived, the doorbell rang. ‘Finally!’ I expressed. I opened the door to find one of my best friends, Maggie Glover. She instructed me to get in the car and that we were going on a trip. She then handed me a glittery pink Easter basket and told me we were going on an egg hunt (Easter was just two days away).

We drove to our first destination, Olive Garden, where Ruthie Baker stood with my first egg and a handwritten letter inside from Noah, explaining how I’m the only person to get him to go to Olive Garden for nearly every meal. He was even thoughtful enough to have Olive Garden breadsticks waiting for me there. We left there and drove to Lee University, where I found my roommate Rachel Flaherty waiting with my second egg on the steps of the Conn Center. I brought Noah to Sigma Nu Sigma’s House of Blues event held here when we first started to like one another. After the Conn Center, we traveled the short distance to the Lee soccer field, where Ashley Shoemaker waited with the third egg, as well as a letter about how I faithfully watched Noah play in many soccer games. From there we went to North Cleveland Church of God, where Meridieth Cook waited with a letter and the fourth egg. This letter expressed how he valued our time spent in church together, letting Christ be the center of our relationship.Last, but CERTAINLY not least, we stopped at the education building on campus (where I spend the majority of my time) and Gabby Rousse, another friend, waited with what I thought was the final egg clue.

At this point, there were five eggs and a handful of my closest friends in the car with me. Unsure of where the car was taking me next, I was surprised to see that we were getting on the interstate and headed to a destination unknown to me. My friends made sure this car ride was fun as they cranked up the dance music and had a dance party. There were so many thoughts racing through my head, wondering where we were going, If I was getting engaged tonight.  We eventually pulled up to the Fairyland Club on Lookout Mountain, where Cailey Wilson stood with another golden egg and a letter that read, “We don’t have a memory here yet but we soon will.” After I read the letter, I was told to close my eyes as we head to the final destination. The car came to a stop and my heart might as well have too. My friends helped me out of the car and began to lead me. I was finally allowed to open my eyes after keeping them shut for what felt like years. As they opened, my soon-to-be fiancé was waiting with flowers at the foot of a flowered walkway, overlooking a beautiful mountain. I walked down and he led me to a Bible that was engraved, Madison Robinson. He opened the Bible to a letter he had written that expressed how he had dreamt of a future wife that loved the Lord first before anyone else and how he was so thankful to have found that in me. He then got down on one knee, asked me to be his forever and the rest, well, the rest is history!


Sweet Easter Engagement | photos by Noah Herrin | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com


When’s the wedding?

“We are getting married at Howe Farms on June 1, 2019. We chose Howe Farms because I loved being able to move inside in case of rain. The view on ceremony hill is breath taking, too! This venue is spectacular because you have it all right there!”


Sweet Easter Engagement | photos by Noah Herrin | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com


What tools would you recommend while planning?

“The Pink Bride has been a huge help so far with the planning process. Because I am not from Cleveland, it is hard to know what vendors to use, but this website makes it so easy. I am able to see great vendors around the area and see their work from pictures of weddings featured on here!”


Sweet Easter Engagement | photos by Noah Herrin | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com


Congratulations Madison and Noah! Happy Pink Planning!

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Photos by Noah Herrin.