Elegant Piney Flats Wedding | Andrew + Brittney

Andrew and Brittney’s elegant Piney Flats wedding took place along the lake on the bride’s grandparents’ estate with luxurious purple and pink decor.

Elegant purple Piney Flats wedding photographed by Photo Tech Photography | The Pink Bride


Real Wedding | Conrad + Brittany

Don’t miss Conrad and Brittany’s intimate, country-chic Johnson City wedding with sweet pastels and adorable DIY details.

{Real Wedding | Conrad + Brittany} || The Pink Bride || Images by John Shim Photography || #johnsoncity #wedding #countrychic


Real Wedding: Christopher + Brittany

Brittany and Christopher hosted a rustic fall wedding with rich colors and close family and friends in a secluded Kingsport cabin.

{Real Wedding: Christopher + Brittany} || The Pink Bride || Images courtesy of Oh So Haute Photography. || #rusticwedding #fallwedding #kingsportwedding


Real Wedding: Jeremy + Stephanie

Jeremy and Stephanie celebrated their glamorous, traditional Johnson City wedding with a sweet color palette and amazing details we’re swooning over.

{Real Wedding: Jeremy + Stephanie} || The Pink Bride || Images courtesy of Cable Photography. || #johnsoncity #tennessee #wedding


Cover Contest Winner | Real Wedding: Sage + Ashlyn

Sage and Ashlyn hosted a timeless wedding celebration in Abingdon, Virginia, filled with romantic details and classy decor we love.

{Cover Contest Winner | Real Wedding: Sage + Ashlyn} || The Pink Bride || Image courtesy of Kadee's Approach Photography. || #tricities #virginia #tennessee #wedding


Real Wedding: Mack + Christina

Christina and Mack celebrated their Bristol wedding with pops of royal blue and mint green along with timeless wedding details we love.

{Real Wedding: Mack + Christina} || The Pink Bride || Images courtesy of Jim Goodwin Photography. || #bristol #tennessee #tricities #wedding


Real Wedding: Patrick + Lisa

Lisa and Patrick hosted a sparkling wedding in Bristol with adorable little black dresses, glamorous heels, and sweet pink wedding bouquets.

{Real Wedding: Patrick + Lisa} || The Pink Bride || Images courtesy of Kadee's Approach Photography || #bristol #tennessee #tricities #wedding


Real Wedding: Tyler + Kaitlin

Kaitlin and Tyler hosted a gorgeous wedding in Blountville full of family love, a classic color palette, and timeless details we’re simply swooning over.

{Real Wedding: Tyler + Kaitlin} || The Pink Bride || Images courtesy of Cable Photography || #blountville #tricities #tennessee #wedding


Real Wedding: Trey + Amber

Trey and Amber celebrated their Kingsport wedding with classic colors of black and ivory, sparkling accents, and timeless details that we adore.

{Real Wedding: Trey + Amber} || The Pink Bride || Images courtesy of Jim Goodwin Photography. || #tricities #johnsoncity #tennessee #wedding #realwedding


Three Easy Guidelines for Wedding Rentals

Wedding rentals can be a major source of stress if you don’t follow these fabulous tips by Sherry and Sheila with Tri-Cities rental company Celebrate Rentals!

{Three Easy Guidelines for Wedding Rentals} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of Sherry with Celebrate Rentals