Real Wedding: Mack + Christina

Christina and Mack celebrated their Bristol wedding with pops of royal blue and mint green along with timeless wedding details we love.

{Real Wedding: Mack + Christina} || The Pink Bride || Images courtesy of Jim Goodwin Photography. || #bristol #tennessee #tricities #wedding


Real Wedding: Patrick + Lisa

Lisa and Patrick hosted a sparkling wedding in Bristol with adorable little black dresses, glamorous heels, and sweet pink wedding bouquets.

{Real Wedding: Patrick + Lisa} || The Pink Bride || Images courtesy of Kadee's Approach Photography || #bristol #tennessee #tricities #wedding


Real Wedding: Tyler + Kaitlin

Kaitlin and Tyler hosted a gorgeous wedding in Blountville full of family love, a classic color palette, and timeless details we’re simply swooning over.

{Real Wedding: Tyler + Kaitlin} || The Pink Bride || Images courtesy of Cable Photography || #blountville #tricities #tennessee #wedding


Real Wedding: Trey + Amber

Trey and Amber celebrated their Kingsport wedding with classic colors of black and ivory, sparkling accents, and timeless details that we adore.

{Real Wedding: Trey + Amber} || The Pink Bride || Images courtesy of Jim Goodwin Photography. || #tricities #johnsoncity #tennessee #wedding #realwedding


Real Wedding: James + Marsha

James and Marsha celebrated their nuptials with rich colors of teal and sangria throughout their classy Tennessee wedding and reception.

{Real Wedding: James + Marsha} || The Pink Bride || Images courtesy of Waldorf Photographic Art. || #knoxville #tennessee #wedding #realwedding


Three Easy Guidelines for Wedding Rentals

Wedding rentals can be a major source of stress if you don’t follow these fabulous tips by Sherry and Sheila with Tri-Cities rental company Celebrate Rentals!

{Three Easy Guidelines for Wedding Rentals} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of Sherry with Celebrate Rentals

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