Shabby-Chic Country Wedding | Ethan + Megan

This Tri-Cities wedding features a sweet country vibe and shabby-chic details in mint and peach that will have you swooning in no time!

Tri-Cities wedding with shabby-chic details and a country theme, photographed by Photo Tech Photography | The Pink Bride®


Gold Outdoor Wedding | Adam + Tasha

This sweet Tri-Cities wedding outdoors features a soft gold and cream theme with hints of shabby-chic details we adore!

Tri-Cities wedding outdoors with soft gold details and shabby-chic elements, photographed by Andrew & Erin Photography | The Pink Bride®


Classy Pink Wedding | Gregory + Laura

We can’t resist this classy Johnson City wedding at Carnegie Hotel, featuring a stunning pink and gray color palette that will leave you breathless!

Johnson City wedding with classy pink and gray theme at Carnegie Hotel, photographed by Cable Photography | The Pink Bride®


Rustic Pink & Mint Wedding | Will + Elizabeth

You’ll adore every detail of this rustic outdoor wedding in Jonesborough, featuring stunning pink and mint details we can’t resist!

Tri-Cities wedding in Jonesborough with rustic theme in pink and mint, photographed by Kadee’s Approach Photography | The Pink Bride®


Classic Red Wedding | Jarrett + Brittany

Get ready to fall in love with this classic red and black Tri-Cities wedding, featuring a timeless look we adore!

Tri-Cities wedding with classic red and black colors, photographed by Michael Kaal Photography | The Pink Bride


Glamorous Sky Blue Wedding | Byron + LaToya

Don’t miss this glamorous sky blue wedding in Johnson City, photographed by Cable Photography!

Sky blue wedding in Johnson City at Rose Hill, photographed by Cable Photography | The Pink Bride


Country-Chic Kingsport Wedding | Aaron + Amber

You’ll fall in love with Aaron and Amber’s intimate Kingsport wedding, featuring lovely, unforgettable country-chic details!

Country-chic wedding in Kingsport photographed by Kadee's Approach Photography | The Pink Bride


Mint Green Blountville Wedding | Toby + Victoria

Toby and Victoria’s amazing Blountville wedding at Chateau Selah drips with style in pops of mint green and lovely decor you’ll fall in love with.

Mint Blountville wedding outdoors at Chateau Selah, photographed by Cable Photography | The Pink Bride


Trendy Wedding Cake Inspiration Board + Tips

Don’t miss this fabulously trendy wedding cake inspiration board, plus a few must-know tips to consider when designing your cake!

Trendy wedding cake inspiration board | The Pink Bride


Pink Blountville Wedding | Daniel + Sarah

Daniel and Sarah hosted a romantic pink and cream wedding outdoors in Blountville with sweet details you’ll love – like an ombre wedding cake!

Pink Blountville wedding photographed by Andrew & Erin Photography | The Pink Bride