Elegant Black & White Garden Wedding | Kate & Meade

A elegant black & white color theme paired with Castleton’s beautiful estate and lush greenery, whew we’re in love!


Colorful & Vibrant Indian Wedding in Knoxville | Sneha & Nikhil

A 300 person sparkler exit, 11 chandeliers, and 3 color palettes? Yeah, you don’t want to miss this wedding full of inspiration!


Romantic & Elegant Garden Wedding | Leah & Stephon

Romance, elegance, garden party, Knoxville’s best, and more –– this wedding is a MUST-SEE!


Highschool Sweathearts’ Glam Knoxville Wedding | Shannon & Luke

This glam Knoxville wedding at Castleton Farms features two totally in love high school sweethearts, pops of color, and lots of inspiration!


A Soft & Ethereal Woodland Wedding | Sarah & Marcus

This soft lavender themed wedding is truly out of this world!


We Found Love Right Where We Are | Peyton and TJ Get Married

Peyton & TJ’s classic glam Knoxville wedding was perfect for these sweethearts!


Glamorous Southern Wedding | Josh + Christina

Every detail from this chic Castleton Farms wedding is absolutely stunning with timeless photos from Julie Roberts Photographic Artist!


Posh Gold & Marsala Wedding | Cash + Jennifer

Everything about this posh Knoxville wedding screams class and beauty in lush colors of gold and marsala!

Knoxville wedding with posh theme in gold and marsala details at The Emporium Center, photographed by Dixie Pixel | The Pink Bride®


Posh Pink & Gold Wedding | Joseph + Jennifer

Don’t miss a detail of this posh Knoxville wedding at Castleton Farms with stunning accents in romantic pink and gold that will leave you breathless!

Knoxville wedding with posh theme in pink and gold at Castleton Farms, photographed by Jennie Andrews Photography | The Pink Bride®


Elegant Champagne Wedding | Brandon + Jamie

From the bride’s elegant gown to the breathtaking chandeliers, you’ll fall for this chic Knoxville wedding featuring champagne details and a vintage theme!

Knoxville wedding with champagne details and vintage theme, photographed by Kristen Calhoun | The Pink Bride®