Mother of the Bride Dress Inspirations

For such a big day, finding what to wear can be so stressful –– including the moms! Here are our 12 best mother of the bride dress inspirations for you!


Roles & Responsibilities of the Wedding Party

Your wedding party will know exactly what they need to do before and on the big day with this handy list!


The Ultimate Wedding Ceremony Planning Guide

Here’s your all-in-one go-to wedding ceremony guide! Whether you’re starting from square one or following traditional elements of your faith, we have covered it all.


6 Gift Ideas For The Mother of the Bride

If you’ve been wondering what gift would be perfect for the Mother of the Bride, look no further!


Mothers…Friend or Foe in Wedding Planning?

Has anyone else’s mom gone a little bit crazy during the wedding planning, or is it just mine?

{Mothers...Friend or Foe?} || The Pink Bride || Image by Pickerill Creative || #weddingplanning


Bridal Party Looks | How to Choose the Wedding Attire

Get the steps to choosing that perfect bridal party look for your Tennessee wedding with Bobbie and Debbie of Nashville’s Bridal Warehouse and Tuxedo Avenue!

Wedding dresses and tuxedos at Nashville bridal shop and tuxedo rental Bridal Warehouse and Tuxedo Avenue, featured on The Pink Bride


Touchy Wedding Situation #5: Heirloom Wedding Pieces

What to do when your mother or other family member requests you wear her dress, carry her bride Bible, use her cake topper, or use other heirloom articles at your wedding.

Bride and groom outside after Tennessee wedding, by Murfreesboro wedding photography company Miller Photography


Thank You Notes: Not Just for Wedding Gifts

Help remind yourself of all those wonderful people who have put time and effort into making your big day special and drop them a thank you note to show your appreciation!

{Thank You Notes: Not Just for Wedding Gifts} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of Forever Images Photography #weddingphotos

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