Mothers…Friend or Foe in Wedding Planning?

Has anyone else’s mom gone a little bit crazy during the wedding planning, or is it just mine?

{Mothers...Friend or Foe?} || The Pink Bride || Image by Pickerill Creative || #weddingplanning


Touchy Wedding Situation #6: Mom vs. Stepmom

What do you do when your biological mother resents the idea of your stepmother being involved at your wedding? Find out here.

{Touchy Wedding Situation #6: Mom vs. Stepmom} || The Pink Bride || Image courtesy of Whitney Bower Imaging. || #stepmother #motherofthebride #wedding


Touchy Wedding Situation #5: Heirloom Wedding Pieces

What to do when your mother or other family member requests you wear her dress, carry her bride Bible, use her cake topper, or use other heirloom articles at your wedding.

Bride and groom outside after Tennessee wedding, by Murfreesboro wedding photography company Miller Photography


Touchy Wedding Situation #4: Choosing the Maid of Honor

Worried you’ll hurt the other maids’ feelings by announcing your chosen Maid of Honor? Learn how to deal here!


Touchy Wedding Situation #2: The Assuming Acquaintance

How do you handle people who assume they’re invited to your wedding…when they’re not? Learn here!


Touchy Wedding Situation #1: Mother of the Groom Wearing White

What do you do when the mother of the groom wants to wear white to your Tennessee wedding, and you don’t want her to? Learn here!

{Touchy Wedding Situation #1: Mother of the Groom Wants to Wear White} || The Pink Bride || Image courtesy of Photiq Photography. || #memphis #tn #wedding #bridezilla #motherofthegroom

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