10 Wedding Traditions Worth Crossing the Pond For I Part Two

From England’s “hen parties” to France’s spectacular wedding day parades, Europe is the place to get not only a taste of culture but some creative and fun customs to incorporate into our own ceremonies.


The 10 Best TV Weddings To Watch Before Your Big Day

Two of the greatest things are weddings and TV, so we decided to combine the two and compile a list of our very favorite TV weddings!


4 Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

What goes together better than puppies and weddings? Our two favorite things! Find out how you can include Fido in your big day!


Celebrity Wedding Inspiration: Audrey Hepburn

Elegant, feminine, and classy all wrapped up in one wedding! Find out what it would look like if the iconic Audrey Hepburn got married today.


Baby, It’s Cold Outside | Katelyn and Blake Say I Do

Katelyn and Blake’s frosty nuptials will have you wishing for a winter wedding!


Celebrity Wedding Inspiration: Marilyn Monroe

If Marilyn Monroe got married today, here is what it would look like!

Marilyn Monroe Stamp byStamptastic /


Should You Invite Your Coworkers to Your Wedding?

When it comes to deciding who goes on the guest list, you often have to consider whether or not you would like to invite your coworkers. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you pass the invites around the office!

floral invitations by Fleetwood photographed by Lindsey Worthington | The Pink Bride®


Signature Scents For The Groom

Signature scents aren’t just for brides! We have found the perfect colognes to complement every groom!


Wedding 101: How to Stock Your Bar

Get ready to have all your wedding bar questions answered! We have put together a list of things to consider when creating your perfect wedding bar.


6 Unique Bridesmaid Proposals

It’s time for you to pop the question to your I Do Crew! We have put together 6 of our all time favorites!

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