As I’ve stated time and time again, my second favorite part of attending weddings – after catching a glimpse of the bride’s fabulous wedding dress – is scoping out the wedding cake.

These tiered masterpieces are always works of art at Tennessee weddings, and for good reason, too! We’re positively surrounded by delectably famous wedding cake bakers in the Tri-Cities area and beyond. After all, this is the South – where the tea is sweet, the desserts are sweeter, and the words and parties run long.

Tiered wedding cakes with yellow and pink accents by Kingsport wedding bakery Susie's Specialty Wedding Cakes

If you couldn’t tell already, I am a huge sweets lover. Therefore, it’s only natural that I can never wait to catch a glimpse of the bride’s cake at a wedding reception. But what’s been steadily pulling my attention away recently is the groom’s cake!

The groom’s cake is just that: your groom gets to select the flavors and design for his own baked masterpiece for your Tennessee wedding reception. Traditionally made of chocolate, Tennessee grooms are branching out with their options in favor of truly unique cake creations that really do reflect who they are.

In the midst of all the tulle, random splashes of pink, and frothy, frilly details often seen at weddings, the groom’s cake really is the one place your groom can absolutely have the final say. From tongue-in-cheek designs to hobbyist details and everything in between, designing the groom’s cake is absolutely a priority for modern weddings! Luckily for us, I was able to chat with the fabulous Susie Johnson, owner and cake designer of renowned Kingsport wedding cake bakery Susie’s Specialty Wedding Cakes. She gave me three quick tips to remember while designing this oh-so-important detail at your wedding, so read on for details!

Tiered wedding cakes with pink accents by Kingsport wedding bakery Susie's Specialty Wedding Cakes

Speed boat custom groom's cake by Kingsport wedding bakery Susie's Specialty Wedding Cakes

1. Remember that the groom’s cake is a supplement to the bride’s cake (the main wedding cake), so take your guest count into consideration while deciding on size.

“You don’t want to have too much cake at your wedding!” Susie exclaims. We totally agree. To avoid wasted cake, the hassle of transporting, and even freezer-burnt tiers later, scale both cake sizes to accommodate just how many guests you’ll have at your wedding. Just remember to tell your baker whether or not you plan to save the top tier of your main wedding cake for your anniversary!

“I always suggest that a bride and groom only order enough total servings for the number of guests they’ll have,” Susie explains. “Some guests will eat more, and other guests will eat none, so this evens out both the amount of cake ordered and the final price for the bride and groom.”

R2D2 groom's cake, hunting cake with dogs, and billiards groom's cake by Kingsport wedding bakery Susie's Specialty Wedding Cakes

2. The groom’s cake is meant to reflect the groom’s personality in some way – whether that be fishing, golfing, his alma mater, or something else important to him.

“The groom’s cake can be as silly or as serious as he wants,” Susie details, alluding that the bride does have some say in the matter when she feels it’s pressing. “I sit down with them and discover what they’re after and what their likes are, and we go from there.” While the bride often does hold the trump card with all things having to do with wedding planning, Susie laughingly states that the groom’s cake design often tends to lean towards the groom’s interests most.

Sports groom's cakes by Kingsport wedding cake bakery Susie's Specialty Wedding Cakes

3. The groom’s cake is one area that you can (and should!) delegate to your groom to design. After all, your baker will be there every step of the way to guide his choices.

So many options exist when it comes to wedding cakes in general, but the groom’s cake is the one area where tradition doesn’t necessarily have to dictate your decisions. If your man isn’t into the details of designing a cake, take the opportunity to surprise him with a neat design featuring his favorite hobby or likes. Otherwise, step back, and let him design this on his own with a few “restrictions” given to your baker. Your baker will help guide him to different options when needed!

Susie details that she does have to give advice sometimes where groom’s cakes are concerned. “I say, ‘You may want to think about that!’ to them before we place the order!” she exclaims, laughing. In other words, brides, your baker will respect your wishes and help lead your groom to the best option for the day, so you can relinquish stressing over the secondary cake order among all the other details of the big day!


Golfing groom's cake by Kingsport wedding bakery Susie's Specialty Wedding Cakes

Susie Johnson has been creating amazing cakes for over 40 years now. She began with baking birthday cakes and eventually went strictly to creating wedding cakes due to high demand. She has perfected the art of creating a fabulous fondant-looking cake with only buttercream so her cakes look and taste like absolute masterpieces. Everything about her cakes, right down to the handmade sugar flowers, is done by hand by her.

Susie’s Specialty Wedding Cakes is located in Kingsport, Tennessee, and focuses only on fabulous cake orders for weddings and anniversaries. The bakery serves all venues in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia and has had a mission of quality in taste and appearance for 37 years. Each cake is baked fresh with edible art pieces that are skillfully handcrafted.


Consultations are by appointment only, and tastings are free! To contact Susie’s Specialty Wedding Cakes, give Susie a call today at (423) 239-7656, and be sure to connect online at the company’s website and Facebook page, too. Tell Susie that The Pink Bride sent you!






Images courtesy of Susie Johnson via email and the Susie’s Specialty Wedding Cakes website.