When guests attend your Tennessee wedding, they hope to end the evening with memories of good food and drink, much laughter, and possibly even new friends. But, above all, they hope to have experienced amazing entertainment.

It’s true that food and drink are instant ice breakers for a wedding reception, but both can dwindle throughout the evening, whereas your entertainment choice won’t…as long as you choose the right professional! That’s why I spoke recently with Leasha of Chattanooga and Knoxville wedding DJ company Sound Force Entertainment. Read on to get the top five ways a professional wedding DJ can turn your normal wedding reception into a truly memorable celebration!

Mult-cultural wedding with DJ services from Sound Force Entertainment

1. A professional DJ can read the crowd.

A professional wedding DJ has the experience and training necessary to read the crowd at your Tennessee wedding reception. This means that he or she can pick and choose the genre and tempo of music played to either excite or calm your wedding guests, all at the most appropriate moments. This makes for a consistently upbeat feel at your reception, giving guests the impression that the evening never hits a lull. Rather, they’ll be constantly guessing at what’s around the corner next. Leasha explains that a professional DJ will know when to take requests, how to weave interactive elements throughout the evening flawlessly, and will realize the importance of “playing to the crowd” by either keeping them on their toes or stimulating a relaxing, conversational feel to the evening.

Bride dancing with guests at Tennessee wedding reception with DJ services by Sound Force Entertainment, photographed by Bamber Photography

2. He or she will know the top music.

Not only does this give the professional DJ an edge when guests walk up with requests (sometimes without knowing the song titles!), but it also lets him or her know what songs will be best to play – and when. Leasha details that the professional DJs with Sound Force are well versed in what kinds of songs to play as well as what times to play them. This includes during the various stages of your reception, such as cocktail hour, dinner, and even the dance portion of the evening. The professional will know not only when to play what, but he or she also will be practiced at transitioning the evening in such a way that guests hardly know a shift has happened in events!

Bride and groom's grand entrance to Tennessee wedding reception, announced by Sound Force Entertainment

3. As Master of Ceremonies, you’ll get professional announcements.

This is a big deal for any wedding reception, for multiple reasons. Since a hired professional will not have any personal attachment to you (past a healthy respect for your event), he or she will be tactful and completely outside of any family drama or issues that may go on around your wedding. This gives you an expertly directed wedding reception that never calls attention to “touchy” subjects or relationships. It also saves you from a long slew of potentially embarrassing stories being told by a family member or friend as your introduction to the party, when all you want to do is dance! Furthermore, Leasha states that guests often don’t know what to do during certain parts of your reception, and a professional Master of Ceremonies will take care of that. Every DJ/MC with Sound Force will be able to smoothly inform guests when it’s appropriate to partake in certain activities, like joining the bridal party on the dance floor, visiting the buffet, or jumping into the photo booth before the bride and groom arrive. “Remember that the DJ doesn’t just introduce you to your guests at the reception,” Leasha explains. “He or she introduces everything else throughout the evening, too.”

Bride and groom's first dance in reception hall with draping and uplighting by Sound Force Entertainment, photographed by Bamber Photography

4. Your DJ often can provide lighting and/or décor to transform your reception hall.

A professional DJ will likely be able to use lighting to change the atmosphere of your reception throughout the evening, creating pointed shifts in mood that can also serve to calm or excite your guests onto the dance floor. This lighting can also simply indicate a new portion of the evening.

Sound Force is known for providing amazing lighting and design services! Leasha describes that the newest section of Sound Force, Luma Designs, focuses on providing elite lighting and décor needs. Best of all, you could save money by bundling your DJ and lighting services together with Sound Force!

Father daughter dance at Tennessee wedding reception with DJ services by Sound Force Entertainment

5. A professional DJ can help you plan the order of events for the best flow in your reception timeline.

So much about guests’ interest in your wedding reception hinges on your timeline. Are things moving too quickly? Too slowly? A professional will be able to help you optimize your timeline for the best and most comfortable flow for your guests, from the entrance and first dance to your grand exit.

Leasha details that a professional will be able to adapt quickly to necessary changes in your timeline when the unexpected occurs too, like late guests or even a late bridal party. The professional DJ will be able to adapt to those changes with poise, while still keeping everything at a comfortable pace for guests so they hardly know the timeline ever got a little off-track.

Bride and groom's first dance in ballroom at Tennessee wedding reception with DJ services by Sound Force Entertainment

Sound Force Entertainment has been serving East Tennessee and North Georgia for over 21 years and boasts a wide range of services past the usual scope of a wedding DJ. They offer several entertainers to accommodate any theme and find the best fit personality-wise for each bride and groom. Additionally, they pride themselves in providing highly professional and experienced wedding services in a flexible way, which means they can adjust to whatever your wants and needs may be for your wedding.

“The focus is to make sure that the bride and groom get a perfect day,” Leasha states. “We respect the fact that not everyone’s perfect day is the same, so we offer multiple services tailored to meet any need.”


To contact Leasha and the Sound Force team, call 1-800-529-9278 today. Connect with them also on their website, Facebook page, and Twitter. Tell them The Pink Bride sent you!


Images courtesy of Leasha Newton via email.
Second and fourth images courtesy of Bamber Photography.