Trust me, the day of your wedding will be jam-packed and hectic enough as it is, so there’s no need to make it any busier. If planning your Tennessee wedding hasn’t already given you a hint, there is so much to do and no matter how long of an engagement you have, some things always get saved until the very last minute. Sometimes small tasks get procrastinated and minute details can get forgotten when left to deal with on the day of the wedding. Prior to your big day, brides should take every opportunity to make final preparations and prepare for all of your day-of tasks and needs the day before to avoid the stress of last minute scrambling and unexpected emergencies. Check out these five important tasks to get done on the day-before the wedding so you can rest easy and have a smooth, stress-free wedding day!

1. Remember to put together a day-of survival kit to avoid stress or potential OMG moments.

Every bride needs to be 100% prepared for her wedding day and any potential stressful moments that might occur. Packing a survival kit the day before ensures that you have anything and everything you will need. If you are wearing specific garments under your gown, be sure to pack those, along with all of your accessories, including jewelry, garter etc. Also, unless you are having a makeup artist on site during your big day for touch ups, pack a tube of your lip gloss and a small compact of powder to make sure your keep that glow all day long. It’s also a great idea to pack a few emergency items, like safety pins, extra hair pins, etc., so you can be prepared just in case! Having all of these items will not only help you feel more organized and less stressed on your wedding day, but it will also help you avoid any potential disasters!   Bride using wedding-day survival kit by applying deodorant.

2. Brides should organize any outstanding vendor payments and designate someone to deliver them.

Writing thank you notes is a great idea to show your appreciation for all of your vendors and their hard work in making your day perfect. Consider writing a note for each vendor and include a tip in the envelope. Also, many times, brides have final payments to deliver the day of the wedding. These can be included as well. The day before, you should make sure that you have checked off all the vendors on your list and prepared all the final payments, tips and notes. Then, the biggest part is designating someone to deliver them. You will be so busy on the day-of, this is the last thing you want to be worried about. Usually, having a parent hand these out is a great idea!

Bride hugging and saying thank you to someone on wedding day.

3. Take a moment to document your feelings…for yourself and your groom!

You will be experiencing more emotions the night before you wedding than almost any other time. It is a very special and brief moment right before you become husband and wife. For most brides, this is a time and feeling you will want to remember. That’s why it is a good idea to journal or at least write down your feelings the night before. Many brides even say this helps them focus more on the excitement of what lies ahead than the anxiety or nervousness for everything to go perfectly. Another great thing to do the night before is write a note to your groom! If you will want to remember exactly how you felt the night you became his wife, chances are he will want to remember that, too!

Handwritten letter given to future spouse of the wedding day.

4. Confirm all of your wedding-day appointments and honeymoon reservations.

Now this doesn’t necessarily have to wait until the day before, but if it hasn’t been done yet, it’s now or never. Make sure to confirm all of your wedding-day appointments to avoid any mistakes in scheduling! This means your hair stylist, make up artist, and any other day-of appointments. Also, whether you or your groom are in charge of any wedding night and honeymoon reservations, one of you should double check and confirm these prior to the day of the wedding. Depending on when you are leaving for your honeymoon, if you’re flying, you might even want to go ahead and check-in. This way, you can simply enjoy each other and newly-wed life after the ceremony and reception are over!

Bride having makeup done on her wedding day.

5. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy your pre-wedding events with your friends and family.

Yes, there is a lot to do in the few days leading up to your wedding, but there are also many special and fun moments to be shared with friends and family. So, it is important that after all is said and done (checked and double checked!) you sit back, relax and enjoy the moment. Whether it is spending your last afternoon as a single lady with your girlfriends at your bridesmaid luncheon or spending time with those that are closest to you at your rehearsal dinner, just like the wedding, these are exciting events that occur only once.

Bride toasting to her bridesmaids.

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