After the cake is eaten, the flowers are tossed, the grand exit happens, and the DJ finally quits playing music as you drive off into the next chapter of your life, only two things will remain. Those two things are your wedding pictures and your wedding video.

Wedding videos offer you and your groom so much more today than they did back when your parents tied the knot. You won’t get a horribly boring, one-perspective film with crackling audio from the back of the church. These days, you’ll receive a movie-quality video of the most important event in your life to date. While your mom and dad (or even your best friend!) may suggest that video is not an important part of your day to spend your bridal budget on, their opinions shouldn’t deter you from making sure you remember everything on the biggest day of your life.

If you’ve ever asked yourself why or if you actually need a wedding video, learn what to consider before making your decision with three simple, yet oh-so-true pointers, brought to you with commentary by Casey Peddicord of premier Knoxville wedding cinematography company NICHOLAS & KEATON.


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1. Isn’t your love story your favorite love story? If so, having a video of your wedding day simply makes sense.

Whether you’re a fan of chick flicks or not, the allure of stories featuring characters with undying love for each other is nearly irresistible to most women. Securing a pro to video your wedding lets you watch a movie-quality film of your big day, where your love story is the plot, and you and your groom are the stars! Plus, this love story will be a lasting legacy that your children and your children’s children will be able to watch. Who wouldn’t love that?

Casey details that he and his wife splurged on everything but videography in their own wedding five years ago, and not having that amazing video of their day is their biggest regret. “Photos and video are the only items that last from your wedding. They’re both equally important,” he explains. He goes on to detail how brides need to consider that fact before they settle their bridal budget. Change your mindset from want to must have when it comes to a wedding video, and change your budget to reflect this! You’ll be sincerely glad you did later.


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2. A picture says a thousand words, but a video lets you actually relive the moment when that picture was captured on your wedding day.

Sally looks so happy laughing next to you! Wait…what were we all laughing about again?

Let’s get real, brides. This is the most important day of your life, but it goes by in a blur. Wouldn’t you want it captured in real time, versus just glimpses at moments throughout the day in photos? Take it from me: you’ll likely forget the context of those moments in pictures as the years pass.

That’s exactly why your wedding photos are only half of what you need to preserve your memories of newlywed bliss. Don’t get me wrong – wedding pictures are an absolute necessity. Your wedding video, however, lets you relive those memories in real time and immerse yourself back into the day, so it’s equally as important. You get to hear the laughter and vows, and you can relive each hug and spoken piece of advice with your wedding video. Those are things you can’t do fully with just a picture.

Casey states that he totally agrees with this point, adding that he and brother Zack always underline the importance of amazing pictures on your wedding day during consultations. (Casey’s wife is the beautiful Kristin Peddicord of KLP Photography, in fact!) They’re always equally passionate about highlighting how important it is to capture the emotions of the day via video, however.


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3. Your wedding video is a ridiculously smart investment. In fact, many brides most often list not having a professional video of their wedding as their #1 regret from the day!

Some brides and grooms wait until the last second to select a wedding videographer for the big day…if at all. I could easily say that wedding videographers as a whole are probably the last vendor a bride ever considers for her wedding day, and that’s more than a little saddening to me. Why? Well, it’s simple. When you ask any bride who didn’t opt to have her wedding filmed what her biggest regret of the wedding is, nine times out of ten, she’ll say she wished she’d had a wedding videographer so she could watch the day unfold again in a video.

“This is absolutely true,” Casey elaborates. “We’ve had brides who didn’t book us contact us after their wedding just to tell us how not having a video was their biggest mistake.” He adds that, even if you can’t afford a pro, make sure someone captures it on video. “If you don’t book us, get someone to video the day for you. Have some kind of video going on. At the end of the day, you’ll want to keep those memories,” he explains.

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Casey (Nicholas) is the older of the two brothers behind NICHOLAS & KEATON, and he calls Knoxville home with wife Kristin and their two dogs. He loves football (namely UT and the Titans), tailgating, corn hole, and his local church. Zackary (Keaton) is the younger brother and currently resides in Nashville. He is passionate about wedding films, the arts and sports (namely football), and, as their website details, he believes in God, love at first sight, and Bigfoot. He’s also currently single!

NICHOLAS & KEATON has officially been serving Knoxville and surrounding areas with epic wedding cinematography since January 2012. The duo travels pretty much anywhere for weddings. They’ve shot international weddings before and are International Award Winning Cinematographers (IAWC). The brothers Peddicord also rock mean bow ties at every event, and their equipment is very mobile, so you won’t have to worry about cumbersome setups at your wedding.

They keep their business structure and options simple by only offering one package. They video your entire wedding day, rather than just parts! “We don’t want to miss something that would help tell your story,” Casey states. That’s why their one package has no time restrictions. You simply get both brothers videoing your event all day long! After your wedding, you’ll get a wedding highlight film, full ceremony coverage, and a wedding day short film, all on either a DVD or Blu-Ray at your choice. NICHOLAS & KEATON even offers fabulous add-ons, like engagement films before the big day and a Video Booth during your wedding!


To contact NICHOLAS & KEATON about helping you preserve all the memories on the biggest day of your life, give Casey a call today at (865) 335-0765, and be sure to visit their website, Vimeo account, Facebook, Twitter, and blog to learn more. Tell them The Pink Bride sent you!



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