Many brides go back and forth between the idea of having first look photos and waiting for a big reveal at the altar. If you don’t know yet, first look photos happen before the ceremony. You and your future spouse meet after getting all dressed up, and you share a few private moments together while your photographer snaps photos. So many opinions exist on this topic! Which ones should you consider?


We chatted with Tonya Ailshie of Knoxville-based wedding photography company Your Reflections recently for five reasons why you should consider first look photos on your big day. Read on to get the scoop on this popular topic!

The Scoop on First Look Photos // The Pink Bride Blog // Featuring photos and advice from Tonya Ailshie of Your Reflections

1. You can share a private moment together.
You know how former brides always say the day flew by so fast that they hardly remember it? Believe it…it’s true! It’s also true that after you say “I do,” you likely won’t get a private moment together until you’re driving away from the reception that night. Opting for first look photos lets you share a few quiet minutes together to share in the joy of the day. “It’s an intimate moment between just the two of you,” explains Tonya. “Sometimes, brides and grooms say personal vows to each other during the first look photos!” We love that idea!


2. You see your future spouse’s face without distractions.
As I learned myself, if you both have issues with PDA, you may not show everything you’re feeling while waltzing down the aisle. Reactions as you see each other for the first time likely will be different when it’s just the two of you, as opposed to a big group of friends and family.

The Scoop on First Look Photos // The Pink Bride Blog // Featuring photos and advice from Tonya Ailshie of Your Reflections

3. Timeline, timeline, timeline!
Have you ever been to a reception where it feels like you wait forever for the bride and groom to arrive? That’s all thanks to post-ceremony photography, and it can get ridiculous for your guests sometimes. First look photos let your photographer snap all the most important pictures before the ceremony, so you and your new hubby can arrive to kick off the reception with your guests sooner. “This decreases the chaos of the timeline without vendors and guests getting in the way,” Tonya states.


4. Get the nerves out of your system beforehand.
Seeing each other before the “I dos” lets you get your anxiety out early so that you can better enjoy the day. Just take a deep breath and relax for a few private moments with your soon-to-be hubby!


5. Your makeup, hair, and dress are all fresh and perfect.
If you’re like most, your pre-ceremony photography will begin hours before the actual ceremony. Why not go ahead and snap all those important pictures while every hair on your head is still perfectly in place?

The Scoop on First Look Photos // The Pink Bride Blog // Featuring photos and advice from Tonya Ailshie of Your Reflections

Your Reflections is a Knoxville-based wedding photography company that focuses on giving each bride truly unique wedding photos. Laughter is key to their business, and they focus on capturing your emotions throughout the happiest day of your life! They always work to provide what the bride and groom want, rather than pushing the couple in one direction or the other. It’s your day, after all!


Owner Tonya focuses on being a positive influence in your life throughout this happy time, and she absolutely believes first look photos are the best bet! The company’s equipment allows Tonya and her team to stay far away during first looks – to where they can’t hear what you’re saying to each other. She even makes sure that no one else tags along for the photos, meaning the two of you can really be alone (without your future mother-in-law or nosy aunt tagging along!). Tonya says, “It’s a truly private moment, and I work to make it happen.” Your Reflections loves first look photos for all of these reasons and more. When you opt for them, Tonya even donates an extra hour of photography that you don’t have to pay for!


Still not sold? Get more information about the history behind the tradition of waiting to see each other at the altar here, and give Your Reflections a call today at (865) 306-2144. Visit their website and Facebook too, and tell Tonya that The Pink Bride sent you!



Photos courtesy of Your Reflections.