I can hardly remember my wedding day…it’s all a big blur!

Most of us brides say this the day after our weddings, let alone two or three or twenty years down the road. When it comes to the wedding day, every bride knows she needs a photographer, but the wedding videographer often gets skipped over. The most common reasons for this are A) We don’t really think we need one since we have a photographer. B) It’s not in our budget. C) A family member is handling the video. Now, we all get that the bridal budget just can’t be stretched any further for add-ons at some point, but I like to tell brides that videography should be part of the original budget – right alongside photography – not a last-minute add-on. Why, you ask?

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I spoke with John Jordan of John Jordan Films earlier this month for his comments on the matter. You can tell that he’s a very knowledgeable yet laid-back kind of guy who’s not into pressuring a bride to sign, but he does realize the value of a wedding video. In fact, he details that many articles on bridal regrets actually list either not having a video or not having professional videography as the biggest regret of all! Read on for three great reasons.



1. Videos add so much more depth to your wedding photos.
Contrary to popular belief, John states that your wedding photographer and videographer should be a team – not competitors. “I work with the photographer to make sure the bride and groom are happy with the end results,” John details. He also describes that he always introduces himself to the photographer and is more than happy to work with whatever he or she needs throughout the day. What does this give you? Every second documented seamlessly of the most important day of your life, so when you miss something, you can relive it later, rather than just see an image of the moment. Years down the road, your children and grandchildren will be able to watch you get married, too!



2. A wedding video lets you relive the best day of your life.
As mentioned above, you never have to worry about missing something when you have a wedding video. Now, instead of seeing a picture of someone laughing or dancing, you’ll know what was said or done to make the person laugh, and you’ll hear the song he or she is dancing to. Who wouldn’t want that from the biggest day of their lives?
John told me that he weaves the humorous moments into your wedding film, too. He loves capturing your guests in their element – in motion! Just give him a heads up about what you want captured, and he’ll make it happen.



3. Video lets you hear the little moments and see them play out.
Years down the road, when you’ve long forgotten your vows or what your great-grandmother’s voice sounded like, you’ll have your video to remind you. A wedding video also lets you catch the whispered words of your new husband as you walk out of the ceremony site hand-in-hand, and it will detail your first kiss in motion. Trust me, brides…nothing compares to this!
John details that he follows the couple’s lead and that everything about documenting your wedding day is about good communication. This is what lets him capture a bride and groom’s connection to each other as well as each guest. Capturing the dynamics of all your relationships that day is something only a video by a professional can let you see fully later.


Not surprisingly, John Jordan has had a full creative career! He was an actor for five years in Chicago, then attended the Graduate Film Program at Columbia University afterward in New York. While attending school, he met his now-wife Stephanie in Maine, who was living with her grandparents at the time. He lived in the Los Angeles area for five years, married Stephanie in 2007, and moved back to Franklin, TN, in 2009. He and Stephanie just welcomed their first baby!

{Three Reasons You Need a Wedding Video (by a Pro)} || The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com || Photo courtesy of John Jordan Films website

While attending film school, he never thought he’d get into weddings, but he did – and he absolutely loves it. “It’s not just a documentary,” he describes. “This is a very creative outlet for me. Plus, I can relate to these couples because I’m happily married myself!” That’s not the only reason why John loves what he does. Being a wedding videographer keeps him grounded, too. “Each wedding is like a reaffirmation of what’s important,” he details. “These are pure, special moments.”

John would be the primary videographer at your wedding. He always brings an assistant to man a second camera at your ceremony, and he uses the best equipment and technology to capture your day. He loves using a steadicam for smooth, gliding scenes and the more traditional slider for side-to-side, front-to-back motions. You won’t see a full video crew on your day, however! “Our goal is to disappear into the background,” John details. “Too many videographers can get too invasive!” These are just a few of the reasons why John’s clients truly form a bond with him before, during, and after the wedding. His unobtrusive, cordial focus makes him pleasant to work with…and it certainly leaves an impression! Before our interview ended, he described that one couple actually called him the day after their wedding, just before leaving on their honeymoon, simply to tell him how amazing he was at their wedding (and how the guests raved about him!). It was easy to tell that this was both humbling and an honor for him to hear from former clients.

{Three Reasons You Need a Wedding Video (by a Pro)} || The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com || Photo courtesy of John Jordan Films website

Does John Jordan Films sound like the perfect videography option for you? Give John a call today at (818) 741-5610, and be sure to visit his website, Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube channels for more info. Tell him The Pink Bride sent you!



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Photos courtesy of the John Jordan Films website.