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With the explosion of Pinterest onto the wedding scene, “Do It Yourself” wedding projects have become insanely popular.

Not only do they save money, but they can be fun to do with your family and friends. While these crafts may be perfect for the relaxed, “have all the time in the world” brides, I don’t think many of those exist!

The final weeks before your wedding and especially the day of, you are going to be busy beyond belief. So, considering hiring a professional to take over some of the more involved setup and tear down tasks, as well as decorating, may be a good idea. Not sure if you can tackle this on your own? I spoke with Keith Krantz, owner of Nashville-based wedding rental company Grand Central Party Rental, to find out what things brides should consider before taking on a mountain of projects herself. Read on for Keith’s wise advice that might make you think twice if you are not prepared for DIY!


1. Did you think of that? Me either.

When it comes to setting up for your wedding, there are many, many, MANY things to consider, and often times brides won’t think of some of the more technical details. Keith says this is one area that should be a DIY red flag and one of the reasons hiring a professional to do it all for you is well worth the money.

“The first thing brides really need to figure out is where they are having their wedding and reception at. Is it a venue? Is it outdoors, or is it in a church? If you are having it outdoors and you’re going to have a tent, you need to have an idea of how many people you are going to have. You’ll need to have an idea about power requirements, lighting and those kinds of things that you will want to use in the tent. Many brides don’t think of these things.”


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2. We only have how much time?

Whether your entire rental time seems like more than enough time to setup or nowhere near enough, chances are time is going to catch up with you…quickly. Brides have so much to do on the day of their ceremony that setting up should be the last thing they are worried about. This is why Keith says brides really have to familiarize themselves with the venue’s rental rules. Brides must consider not only timing but specific decorating requirements to keep in mind. With all this to think about, brides might want to consider handing the reigns over to someone else.

“The next thing brides will have to think about is finding out all the rules for the venue. This will include what the time frame is, time for set up and decoration, and what time you have to be out. Also, are there any additional insurance requirements? These are things to think about.”


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3. Don’t make it more stressful than it already is!

Once again, I can’t enforce how jam-packed your wedding day will feel. Even though you should be relaxing and enjoying the moments, most brides are anxious and making sure everything is going to go smoothly. Because the wedding day is stressful enough as it is, Keith suggests brides not create the added stress of tackling too much on your own.

“One of the biggest things that has evolved in the wedding world is Pinterest, which has led to huge DIY projects. But sometimes that can lead to a mistake because I don’t think some brides realize how much time they’re going to put into planning and setup, and with most venues, you only have a certain amount of time to setup. I think it is always worth the money to have a professional help setup, whether you’re using the professionals from the rental company or handling a planner yourself. Hiring a planner will take the stress off you as far as the setup and decorations. You want someone who does this for a living. The more you can do to put things in other people’s hands is going to create a more relaxing and enjoyable wedding than trying to do everything yourself.”


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