Have you ever wondered if there’s anything a bride can do to prepare for capturing the beautiful moments that occur just before she walks down the aisle?


I spoke with Nashville photographer Kristin Puccini Young of Puccini Photography to hear some advice on preparing for getting ready photos. Kristin and her mother, Maggie Puccini, are part of the fabulous mother-daughter team that makes up Puccini Photography. Because of their relationship, they’re able to add a different perspective to these pre-wedding photographed moments.


As Kristin points out, “We know what it feels like to be in those shoes, as a bride and as the mother of a bride.  We know when it’s important to let an emotional moment happen and to quietly photograph it from a corner of the room. Our perspective, having been through the same things ourselves, allows us to connect with the emotions of the day and capture them in a way that will let every bride remember exactly how she felt the day she was married.”


Read on for seven wonderful tips from Kristin!

{Pre-Wedding Glamour: Seven Tips on How to Get the Best Getting Ready Photos} || The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com || Photo by Puccini Photography. || #wedding #ring #weddingphotography

1. Use a cute cover-up for a bit more privacy.

Kristin explains, “Since this is a setting that is private on the wedding day, but something the couple may wish to share later, we suggest the bride buy a cute cover up that she would feel comfortable being photographed in while her hair and makeup are being done.  A classy satin robe, a cute button up top or another cover-up will ensure that any “his-eyes-only” undergarments the bride may be planning to wear don’t make it where you aren’t comfortable sharing those moments with friends and family.” This way, you can maintain your modesty while still being able to share these intimate pre-wedding moments.


2. Make sure the bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride are dressed and ready to go beforehand.

As Kristin tells us, “Picture you, the bride, looking your wedding day best stepping into your gown with your bridesmaids lacing up your dress wearing… an airbrushed spring break t-shirt and flip-flops!  Love it? Not so much. Now picture them lacing you up in the coordinating dresses that you picked out for this very moment!  Perfect.” By making sure everybody else is ready about twenty or thirty minutes before it’s time for you to get into your dress, you’ll be sure to lessen the stress and and create a better getting ready photo experience for all involved.


3. Organize your backdrop. {Pre-Wedding Glamour: Seven Tips on How to Get the Best Getting Ready Photos} || The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com || Photo by Puccini Photography. || #wedding #bride #weddingphotography #bridesmaid

Whenever you have a large group of ladies getting ready in the same space, things are bound to get a little hectic.


Kristin explains, “It can get messy fast and sadly all the handbags, curling irons, hairspray, or pre-wedding snacks will quickly add up to become a not-so-lovely backdrop for your getting ready photos.  Taking a minute (or asking for a couple of volunteers) to stash all the getting ready accoutrements will have your background looking like a million bucks!”


4. Use a snazzy hanger to show off your gown.

Kristin urges brides to look online for amazing ways to highlight the gown and and add some style to their getting ready photos.


She says, “You haven’t spent a thousand hours on Pinterest (and Etsy) looking for great ideas for nothing… put some of those pins to use and pick out (or DIY) a nice hanger for your wedding gown to be photographed with.  If you want to go all out, bring hangers for your bridesmaid dresses too and we’ll photograph all the dresses together!”


5. Keep your all your wedding accessories/jewelry together.

Kristin understands how much thought brides have put into deciding on every little detail of their wedding day, including every accessory and piece of jewelry, and tells brides to “Have all of those details laid out for ‘show and tell’ with your photographers the night before your wedding and then keep them together in your getting ready room.  This will do two things for you; first it ensures that none of the little pieces you are counting on get separated or lost on the way to your venue. Second we love (LOVE!) shoes, jewelry, pins/charms/brooches you are carrying on your bouquet, heirloom pieces from Grandma…” They’ll be sure to photograph everything – down to the tiniest detail!

{Pre-Wedding Glamour: Seven Tips on How to Get the Best Getting Ready Photos} || The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com || Photo by Puccini Photography. || #wedding #bride #weddingphotography #shoes

 6. Bring a sewing kit.

You never know when a stubborn zipper will suddenly become stuck in a most ferocious manner or a single loose thread on your gown begins to unravel and threatens to reveal more than you and your guests bargained for! Kristin urges all brides to make sure an  emergency sewing kit is on hand to prevent meltdowns during the getting ready photos.


7. Relax and enjoy!

With all of these wonderful pieces of advice, Kristin tells us that the most important tip is to trust your team and enjoy these precious pre-wedding moments.


She says, “You’ve spent countless hours gathering people that you can trust to get you through this – friends, family and even the wedding professionals you’ve hired. Now it’s time to turn everything over to them and enjoy the day you have been waiting for!  Don’t let it pass you by worrying about the details.”

{Pre-Wedding Glamour: Seven Tips on How to Get the Best Getting Ready Photos} || The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com || Photo by Puccini Photography. || #wedding #bride #weddingphotography #bridesmaid

Kristin’s  favorite moment in the getting ready photos is the part when the bride puts on her gown, because that’s when everything becomes real to everybody in the room.


She explains, “There’s a minute or two right after the dress is fastened when everyone is looking her over, kind of in awe. This is usually when bridesmaids start giggling and laughing, and we see the tears in her mom’s eyes. It’s a really amazing moment and something that we’re humbled to be a part of with so many brides.”


To find out more about this fabulous mother-daughter team, take a look at their website, and connect with them on Facebook. Give Kristin and Maggie a call at (615) 538-5933, and tell them The Pink Bride sent you!



All photos courtesy of Puccini Photography, obtained via e-mail.