In today’s wedding world, some rules are getting more relaxed, however, there are some that we must stick to!

Some of these rules are directed toward the bride and groom themselves, some are geared toward the wedding guests and then of course, some are meant for everyone involved. Let’s dig in!


Blue-Gray Wedding Party Colors | Danielle Evans Photography
Photo: Danielle Evans Photography

1. It is your day – remember that!

This one goes for the brides and grooms! Don’t forget that this is YOUR day. It is your wedding, and you get to call the shots. Suggestions are always nice and some are truly welcomed, but ultimately, try not to let others impress their opinions on you 24/7 and sway your judgment to something that you don’t actually want! Everyone else who is so eager to share their opinions, will have their own day when they will get to make all the decisions.

Bride and Groom Gazebo | Brown Lab

Photo: Brown Lab

2. Send out formal paper invites.

Sending out paper invites for the main event is a must. Email or Facebook invitations for smaller wedding events are acceptable, but try to keep the actual wedding invites more formal by sending them to your guests in the mail.

Formal Wedding Invite | Finch Photo

Photo: Finch Photo | Venue: Castleton Farms

3. Share the wedding hashtag & Snapchat geofilter.

Brides and grooms – be sure to spread the word (& have your bridal party help with this) about your wedding hashtag and your Snapchat geofilter! The next day when you are on your way to the honeymoon, you will look back on these memories with your groom and be able to see all of your guests having a blast! Speaking of guests … if you are attending a wedding and you choose to document parts of the night, be sure to use the wedding hashtag on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. If you are on Snapchat, swipe over to the couple’s geofilter and let your followers know that you are busy having a blast with the newlyweds. 😉

Wedding Snapchat Geofilter | The Pink Bride

4. Follow directions on the RSVP card.

Along with formal invites comes RSVPs. This rule is for wedding guests and it’s an important one! Be sure to respond with your RSVP in a timely manner (at least before the date that the bride and groom request the return of RSVPs). This is very important because the happy couple has to report their wedding guest numbers to their vendors by certain dates. Another thing to keep in mind when filling out your RSVP card, is to only respond with the number of people whose names were on the invitation. For instance, if the invite is addressed to “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, then the maximum number of people to RSVP for would be two. If it is addressed to “Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Susie, and Sally”, then the maximum number would be four.

5. DO NOT wear white.

Although wedding attire rules are becoming more relaxed and brides are wearing blush, gray, and sometimes even black, it is still important to follow this rule. Of course, there are going to be brides who don’t mind if guests wear white or ivory, but there are also going to be brides who definitely want to be the only one in white. It is her one and only day to stand out as the bride, and most women won’t share their wedding dresses with many people before the big day, so there’s is no sure way of knowing if the bride will be adorned in white, ivory, or another color. It’s best just to play it safe, and wear any color but white or ivory.

 6. Stay clear of the photographer & videographer.

As much fun as it is to share about the new happy couple on social media, it is so important to keep in mind that your friends have hired a professional photographer and videographer for a reason. These wedding pros are experts in their field, and if wedding guests have their phones out in front of their lenses, it can be extremely challenging for them to get the job done and get the shots that the bride and groom have requested. Not to mention, the couple cannot re-do most of these moments (i.e. the bride walking down the aisle) … so let the photographer and videographer be in charge of capturing the groom’s face instead of your iPhone.

7. Don’t tell the bride or groom if something is wrong. Notify someone else.

If something has gone wrong or something is “off” and the bride and groom have not yet found out about it, it’s best to just handle it or find someone else who can and then let the happy couple find out about it at a later date. For instance, if the crazy dancer drops his drink, makes a mess and breaks the glass, clean it up for your newlywed friends or find someone who can. Or if someone knocks over the entire centerpiece on the table, don’t draw attention to it. Best case, try to just fix it back the way it was and chances are, the bride and groom will not even notice a difference. All in all, it’s their special day, and they deserve for it to be the best (and happiest) day that it can possibly be. Everyone at the wedding can come together to make sure that this happens for the new Mr. and Mrs.!

Bride and Groom Grand Exit | Details Nashville

Photo: Details Nashville | Venue: Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club

8. Bring or send a thoughtful gift.

Most brides and grooms have a wedding registry that you can check prior to the big day. The gift can be big or small (the couple will be grateful no matter what), but it is important to grant the couple’s wishes if you do bring a gift and give them something that they have chosen to include in their wedding registry. Going off-registry is not ideal. Also, many brides and grooms still prefer that you would send the gift to their home instead of physically bringing to the wedding. There are less chances for it to be taken or become lost in the transfer home from the wedding venue if the gift is sent straight to their home in advance.

9. Dress appropriately.

Most weddings will have a certain dress that the bride and groom want their guests to follow – casual, semi-formal, black tie, etc. Most of the time, the couple will include this on some part of their invitations, but if not, feel free to ask or check the couple’s wedding website to see if it is clarified on there. Then, make sure to dress appropriately according to the style of the wedding!

10. Have FUN & take it all in!

This is the most important rule for everyone involved! 🙂 The wedding day goes by fast, so be sure to take a step back, look around at all of the joy and celebrations happening right in front of you, and HAVE FUN! Take it all in because this will be one of the best days full of celebrating the love of two people who are perfectly meant for each other! Weddings are a beautiful thing, and the journey that these two people will experience together will be even more beautiful than that very special day! Cheers to that!!

Wedding Reception Cheers! | Details Nashville

Photo: Details Nashville

Now, that we have gone over the rules to follow, we will be covering the wedding rules that are okay to break at the end of the week. Stay tuned!!